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Now, what's the one thing that's better than the original Battlestar Galactica? If you answered the remake then...well, you probably have a point, but there's one other thing that might actually be an improvement on the legendary sci-fi show: The original Battlestar Galactica...with modern special effects. Yup - all of the classic '70s sci-fi awesomeness, but with a little less of the string-suspended model-work that, though awesome, makes the series almost completely inaccessible to a modern audience. The best part? We can now see exactly what that would look like - thanks to the valiant efforts of Adam “Mojo” Leibowitz, a CGI artist and effects wizard, who worked on Babylon 5, Serenity, Star Trek: Voyager and, appropriately, the Battlestar reboot.

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  • Any ideas on when it may become available I love to had this re-mastered version in my Battlestar Galactica collection.  Be safe everyone.

  • Very cool re-mastering and adding enhancements to an existing classic just gives it more GLORY!  Just looking at several times over and over.  The enhancements, added effects as well as CGI footage to give the scenes even more depth to them is fantastic.  There Viper launching of the launch tube was great added scenes there, inside the Viper cockpit the display system looked great and not as dark as in the original show footage.  The viper flying in and out formation was a big welcome.  As in the original show sometimes they would repeat the maneuvers over and over.  The new footage is truly welcomed and give it a much needed refresher as well as maneuverability to the ships.  Love the air to air combat footage also.  The lasers firing and explosions in space yes indeed love the hard work the man put into re-mastering the Classic series.  BIG THUMBS UP!!! to Adam Leibowitz.

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