Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming

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Did I happen to mention that Galacticon has a MAJOR guest announcement tomorrow?

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  • ALSO...Let's not forget to hack, hijack, or what ever it takes by hook or by crook the command signals sent out to the Cylons and scramble up their IFF! That'll get'em fighting each other at the opportune moment...Also sort of payback for their hack attack on the fleet in the Reimagined Version. This'd be a great plot twist when all seems lost...Sort of like the Pegasus rescuing the Galactica during the rescue mission from New Caprica.

    Okay, I'll cease and desist from writing the script for them...but if they want lots of good ideas, "I'M FULL OF IT!" 

    Buzzsaw out!



  • OH, let's not forget packs of MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) to thin out the numbers of raiders. All fire and forget naturally. I'm thinking packs of 19 on each wing like used in the present military but that are just dumb rockets, not the smart kind, as well as packs launched on the surface of battlestars or the planet/moon/asteroid surface, similar to MLRS air defense systems of today. Then the fighters can really mix it up with the raiders on more doable terms. Lots of toaster carnage. Llllots of scrap metal! Good hunting!

    Also, the Battlestars really should have supermegapulsar cannons like the base stars. I mean when armies fight, both sides capture and copy some of the enemy's stuff. By this time, I'm SURE the Colonials have procured some pulsar weapons and modified it. I'm thinking a "ram gun" of sort, mounted facing forward from the nose, supplemented by the heavy cannons already facing forward. A steady barrage of the regular fire, and occasional superblows from the supermegapulsar cannon! BOOM! It's like flying a REALLY HUGE fighter! 

    Well, I guess time'll tell. Until tomorrow...

  • I'm HOPING the announcement is that they intend to go ahead and shoot this. Granted Richard looks a bit younger in this, but some of it could be "flash back" footage, or just reshoot the whole kit and caboodle. They've already gotten the graphics down.  Hmmm...Imagine battlestars using both laser cannon point of defense weapons and say batteries of plasma cannons like the kinetic stuff in reimagined. Now that'd be some serious toaster carnage to mix in with the new and intermediate models of raiders and Cylons. Hey, they could even slip in some really big scale land battles with tanks, MPFV's IFV's, etc., all with laser or pulsar cannons and also rapid fire laser cannons, for roles like the phalanx or Vulcan. Regardless though, a good story line of the comeback of humanity, the evil evolution of the Cylons, and the firm resolute vow of NEVER AGAIN!!!!

    Regardless, may the legacy continue! So say we ALL!

  • Good Hunting. So Say We ALL!

  • Guys this would have been a great series buy i never got past wuts seen...I think they only shot a handful of wut a waste...this would have been great to see
  • I would like to see this when it comes out this will be a great show in the battlestar  Galactica series for tv. if not let it be a movie. so say we all

  • This would a good TV series or movie if only syfy would get away from all the reality TV they would bring back something this good
  • Now that is what I been waiting for the old members of the Battlestar Galactica get together for a come back hope this time it will last on T.V. as a series not just one sho like blood and crome did but this for good or as a movie this is what I been wating for for a long time see richard hatch in  a show as cpt. Apollo as I remember him. there is  no Battlestar Galactica without Richard Hatch nor Loren Green as his father and Boxy as Apollo son.  from a member who loves the the old Battlestar galactica better then the new one that came out few years back. This looks like what it should had been a big come back is now the  second coming please keep me inform when it will hit the movies or T>V. 

    Sign Brian Moser 

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