"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."


I have often wondered whether the other members of this organization have managed to codify a list of sources for official uniform gear and/or materials. Proceeding on the surmise that they have, I invite them to post the said list in this discussion thread.

Colonel Archon.

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That sounds great Kreios, why don't you post a tutorial. I'm sure many people would like to be able to modify a uniform to save a few Cubits.

I will work it up and post it!


              All the sites posted are very cool.  It all comes down to a person budget and how much they truly can afford to invest in order to get a Battlestar Galactica Uniform.  Whether it is is the new series or the original depending on your favorite or both.  I know some folks have one or two in order to ware at a convention.  I have met several members from the Colonial Defense Forces, Battlestar Fan Club, Colonial Cylon Alliance and Black Star Squadron.  All had great looking uniforms and cool personalities to boot.  I am sure when a member makes a decision to purchase one the only toughest choice will be is , "Which one??"  Be safe folks and have fun as you shop and make an invest in your Battlestar Galactica uniform.  Be safe.

What I have in mind for myself is the classic version, in bridge officer blue.

There is a fabric, approved by Blackstar Squadron personnel, that comes close enough to what was used in the actual wardrobe quartermastery for their acceptance. It is called "Alova Suede," and the version of it that I intend to use for my uniform is in electric-blue color, according to Blackstar Squadron standards. The wardrobe decorations for it will then be silver in color.

Very nice Archon! I'm familiar with that material and agree it would make a great TOS officer uniform. I would love to have a TOS flight suit someday, when I can save up enough for it. It's much like my TOS trek uniforms, on the expensive side.

Fellow Crew Members and Costumers,

John, Reamer and others have provided several good uniform sources. Here's a few more, forgive me if they've already been listed:

SciFiHero and the subset GalacticaHero are discussion sites that are topic and series targeted. http://www.scifihero.net/forums/index.php?act=home

Alchemy Arms is my source for kits like Kathy's Khaki BDU's, bought their kit for sixty cubits and put in on our  surplus BDU's. They have a booth at most Texas Cons with uniforms, kits, weapons, patches and other items at fair prices. I like to see items before I buy.  http://www.alchemyarms.com/Default.asp

Weapon Blender specialize in airsoft weapons and gear.  http://weaponblender.com/Contact-Us-5.html

Patches n Pins sells, well, you get it. Haven't bought from them but prices seem fair. http://patchesnpins.com/

I plan to leave some details later on Marine duds later, since Cylons and MARDET's are more fun and photogenic in groups.

Regards, Iceworm out

The Major is right.

The kits on Alchemy show the components I need, but I don't have to buy 'em there. Take the BDU uniforms, for example: BDU top at the surplus store, twenty-three bucks new, less used; one foot of Velcro in the proper color from the same surplus store, three bucks (don't think it's available used, but I could be wrong); one fourth yard or less of fake suede for shoulders at cloth store, couple bucks; three quarter inch wide belt material for pockets and cuffs, four 4" and four 8" lengths, that's 48" for about four bucks; four plastic fasteners for the pockets and cuffs, two bucks or less; paint to dry-brush buckles if you need gold, seventy-nine cents at Hobby Lobby; needle and thread from Family, zero dollars; cut off lower pockets, sew on all pieces, value at what your time is worth; Raven patch from Actual, seven dollars; brown tank top from Marshall's six dollars; add pants, belt, shoes/boots and tee-shirt in right color from closet, zero dollars; and no weapons or rank for modest folks, zero dollars. One BSG costume for about forty-eight bucks and change. The forums provide plenty of good ideas, and the sites like Alchemy provide the exact details of the components, much better than any freeze screen pics from the internet. All uniform discussions should have cost-effective considerations, and I'll continue to work on it. That's why our discussions on Marine uniforms offer the Razor assault tee-shirt version, which avoids the cost of an LA Tac vest, Giro helmet, Paulson goggles and other expensive accessories. We should also cover the high-end screen correct versions. Our friends the original Cylons draw a lot of attention and those suits don't come cheap. A lot of research has been done, we can find that and create more, with an eye toward cutting costs where possible. Several members have already done a lot of work. This would be a great place to consolidate and collate the effort. Iceworm morphing to a bookworm. Out.

Marine Uniform (Costume)  - Blade Weapons:

BSG Marines are most often seen carrying one of two common blade weapons: a Marine Kbar (aka Ka-Bar or Leatherneck); and an M7 Bayonet, Vietnam era.

Below are rubber practice examples of both. They are not real knives and are accepted by most conventions for costume wear. This doesn't mean you buy them at the site, it's to show the item so you can start your own internet, ebay or gun show search for the best price.

The first is a Kbar made by Cold Steel, a real knife company that makes practice knives. It is marked "Cold Steel" and has a thick blade that will not cut or stab a tub of butter, perfect for cosplay. I bought one at a gun show for nine bucks. The kydex sheath in the second link is for this model number practice knife. No rubber Cold Steel fits in a real sheath. Bought the sheath on-line for ten bucks.



The M7 bayonet below is rubber but cast from a real M7. It has a point and something of an edge, but is still safe for sane people and accepted at cons. Bought one on-line for twelve bucks. Good news is it fits in a real M10 black plastic sheath. Bought one at a gun show for fifteen bucks, you can do better.



More later. Comments and criticisms accepted if they save money.

Iceworm out.

I was wondering if there are still any of the websites listed that are still activate for purchasing orginial (1978) BSG colonial warriors uniforms.  The most recent postings  about uniforms  were 3 years ago.  There is Con in my area next year and I would like to dress as warrior. 

I did not see this one posted anywhere but: does anyone know where one could get a re-imagined BSG deckhand's uniform/outfit like what Chief Tyrol wore in the miniseries and consequently a nice chunk of the main series itself? I haven't had the best of luck trying to track one down, even after checking the links provided here.

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