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Should this site display a standard clock, "Fleet Time" perhaps? This would benefit colonials around the planet to take part in future missions or other group events.

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A countdown clock is displayed for a big event such as Galacticon 4.

Greetings Tony. Ship and Fleet time are arbitrarily set once in a while for activities like chat room missions. You're right that world wide members are limited in participation. Ship time for a mission is usually identified by time zone used. Yep, there's a lot of "usuallys" and "once in a whiles" here, but your suggestion is valid. I think it is not used because it would be one more item to negotiate/standardize among chapters, and we usually leave as much as possible in non-canon procedures to each one. That way each chapter/group can run on their own time. I've seen many here have trouble with conversions from 24 hr clock to 12 hr time. Regards, Paul

Thank you Paul. Being relatively new to BFC and the Raven I am still learning how things work. I can fully understand the difficulties in running such a world wide fanclub, time differences being a small problem. See you among the stars,


Hi Aeneas, as Iceworm mentioned, we use time zones here in the BFC. Our missions are always at 10:PM EST. For you in the UK I think it would be 3:AM in the morning. It's very difficult for many of our members to take part of our missions due to the time zone they reside in. 10:PM EST works the best for our US members. It's actually 10:PM for me and it's 7:PM for our members on the west coast of the US.

Since our missions are always performed on a Saturday night, you could stay up extra late and join us. Then you could sleep late on Sunday to recover. It's just a thought, but you're always welcome to join us if you like.

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