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Hey folks
Thanks for the add.
I am a huge bsg fan and am really wanting two sets of screen accurate bsg
Junior flight wings.
If anyone can please help. I am desperately wanting these.
My email is jefferymc68@yahoo.com

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Thanks. I have three sets of this version.
I am wanting wings like anovos or alchemy arms makes.
They are screen accurate.

Then alchemy is your best bet then.

Col. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson said:

Then alchemy is your best bet then.

I agree but at the time they r out.
I am hoping he gets more.
I have one I got off dewback wing ASAP and would I would take a couple of those if someone have them too.

They should get more;In the meantime,You might want to consider amazon as well;However, take a very close look at what they have,to make sure it's what you're looking for.

Is there anyone here that was part of dewback wing ASAP?
Just wondering if they would still have any of the pilot wing they would sell.
I managed to score a set of screen accurate Senior wings today.
Cost me but I got them.
If anyone has a lead on where I can get two sets of the junior wings screen accurate please let me know.
Hey folks.
Still on the hunt for screen accurate Junior pilots wings.
Hey folks
I spoke to Dan at alchemy arms and he is having another run of screen accurate Junior and Senior wings made.
Should be by the end of August.
I will keep you posted.

Great! That's where I bought my Sr. wings from;You will not be disappointed.

I have a set of Senior wings from them and I love them.
Can't wait for the junior wings considering I have been looking for months.

Col. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson said:

Great! That's where I bought my Sr. wings from;You will not be disappointed.

An update I ordered a set of screen used wings from blood and chrome and I should be getting them today. 8/30/17.
I also found a better set of Senior wings made by Frank Bono aka mara Jade's father on the dewback wing ASAP. These are the best I have seen.
I still have three sets on junior wings coming from alchemy arms so I will have plenty of wings soon.
Now it's time for the uniform. Duty blues, already have most of the duty green.

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