"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."


Greetings Colonials,

In order to help everyone on finding out who has completed their qualifications i have established the following list below.  This list will only cover members who have recently taken their exams.  If you had taken your exam a long time ago or many years back your name will not be listed. In closing i want to congratulate these members for taking their examination and qualifying.  Upon qualifying a member will have a tail number assigned. Which will be listed on their certificate of completion.   I have listed the below more or less in the order i have graded their examinations.  Be safe everyone and thank you ~Salutes~

Steve Tweed             Michael Morelock   

Michael Quinn             Leslie Willis

Keith Ranson             David Sangrey

Jeff Phillips                Joseph Vogt

Mason Sinclair          Craig Foshaug

Eric Morelli                Brian Styron

Justin James           Andrew Pattenden

Diego Martin             James Lavelle

Jerry Orfano             Adam Wakeling

Cherie Leach 

Grace Nonemaker

Scott Glover

Francois Cote

Cherie Leach                Al Bartraw                Brian Stephenson

Ann Sloan                    Scott Travis              Anthony Bunn

Vince Phelps                 Mason Sinclair          Thomas Sigmundson

Robert Vonada              Diego Martin             Jason Dent

Tifany Oslin                 Chris Saunders          Brian Styron

Shane Coble                 Francios Cote           Andrew Pattenden

Edward O'Connell          Tara Cole                 Alexander Flakberg

Jeff Philips                  Maryann Barto          James Lavelle

Eric Morelli                  Michael Morelock      Adam Wakeling

Justin James               Winter Guite            James Gardner

Rob Tipton                   Heidi Wilson            Eric Voiers

Tom Burns                  Paul McPherson          Erika Persianni

Jerry Orfano               David Sangrey            Paladin Meyer  

Scott Bulkley               Leslie Willis             James Thompson

Vince Mack                 Tony Carvell

Amanda Marron          Joseph Vogt

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Not this time around on duty.  However you folks enjoy and thanks for the invite.

Congratulations to all New Pilots glad your aboard keep up the good work and see you out their

So Say We All


Thanks Cdr Leonidas for remembering me. Adr Rivera didn't list my name in this discussion. Some of Ravens crew know that our CO was the first Top Gun aboard the Raven and I was the second. The Viper exam is and was meant to be fun and thought prevoking. Most pilots never get the hard questions wrong, it's the true/false question that many answer incorrectly.

Good Hunting!!!


Cdr. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson said:

You forgot Roger Barstow on that list

Alexander Falkberg said:

Congratulations to all exceptional TOP GUN pilots of the Colonial Fleet! 
Your service keeps the Twelve Colonies of Kobol safe
and is an example for all members of the Colonial Fleet to aspire to.

So Say We All!

Congrats James and Adam!! 

Fellow Flyers!   Just wanted to inform you that James Lavelle earned his Raptor wings and fellow pilot James Gardner earn his Viper wings today.  Chime in when you can and pat them on the back for a job well done.  Be safe out there.

Congratulations to all the new Ensign Pilots (salutes). It is tradition for newly commissioned officers attaining flight status to pay a cubit to the enlisted person rendering a first salute to them. Payments will be received in Joe's Bar, preferably before you get shot up by the Toasters. Also congratulations those attaining "Top Gun" status. And a special OORAH to the Pointy Nosed Viper Jocks and Rabid Raptor Drivers of the Raven Battle Group, you rock. - Paul "Iceworm" Oakley, MASTER GUNNERY SERGEANT, NCOIC, Battlestar Raven Marine Detachment.

Congrats guys!

Well done,and remember your training!

Congrats James Lavelle and James Gardner! the first round is on you at Joes!

Good Evening Pilots!

         I wanted to inform you that Ensign Eric Voiers has earned his Viper pilot wings today.  Pass on the congrats when you see him or after your patrol whichever comes first.  Thank you all Good hunting and watch your six out on patrol.


I have been busy real life life but I just wanted to quickly take a moment of my time to congratulate everyone that has earned their wings!  OUTFRAKKINGSTANDING!!!!

Good hunting to all!

~Raven Actual

Thank-you all:) I had hoped to get 'Top Gun" but I guess I missed a few. BUT!!!! I shall ALWAYS strive to be a better pilot TOMMOROW than I was today, besides, Raven Actual would have it no other way on her ship.

Admiral Miguel Rivera said:

Good Evening Pilots!

         I wanted to inform you that Ensign Eric Voiers has earned his Viper pilot wings today.  Pass on the congrats when you see him or after your patrol whichever comes first.  Thank you all Good hunting and watch your six out on patrol.

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