"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

BFC Facebook Page

Hey guys I'm new to the club and I need some help navigating our webpage and just need basic info as to what we do etc...

Currently I'm listed as a civilian but will later change status to military. I have found Battlestar  BDU's and Officer blues at Alchemy Arms . Geoff at Midwick Armory makes custom and very  accurate flight suits and deck gang coveralls. Galron Manufacturing has custom dog tags and screen accurate rank pins in all enlisted and Officer ranks. I have not found anyone that currently makes pilots helmets though.

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There's A guy on Facebook,who has a page called Cosblue; He told me at Fayetteville Comic- con that he could Make one for about $300.

Hey great. thanks

Jerry, you may want to check out Quantum Mechanix for the dog tags. It's the only costume related item they offer, but they have a wealth of other merchandise that's worth a look. They can be found at qmxonline.com.

As for navigating the site, it's pretty simple. We also have many groups within the club that usually go along with most interests. But the wealth of info in the club can be found from it's members. Please feel free to ask anyone if you have any questions. Also be sure to check out our Facebook pages, The Seekers, Raven Air Wing, and BFC-002. 

Also, when you decide on your military options, I'll hope you would take a minute to consider becoming a pilot...specifically, a Raptor pilot. I am squadron commander of the Seekers, the Raven Air Wing's Raptor squadron, one of the most elite and visible groups in the club. If you would like any further info, please feel free to ask. Hope you have a great day!

The Seekers Raptor squadron is the finest in the fleet, but you may also consider joining a Viper fighter squadron. There are several in the Raven Air Wing, including mine.

Aeneas, Perseus 611th FS

Also, if you are A Raptor Driver,The GREMLINS, the Raptor Detachment of the GUNSTAR TRIREME, Is also looking for A few good Raptor Jocks!

                                          Trireme Actual

Hi all, I've been a member a while, just looking around, reading. I am interested in RP, I'd like to become an original BSG Viper pilot (the helmets really sold the idea to me).
So, my question(s) are, is geographical region a prerequisite?
Are uniforms required, as the 501st Legion, SW group does?
Are the roleplays extensive, meaning does one need to know the ins and outs of BSG?

Hi Anthony (same christian name as me), I am Tony Carvell, known as Aeneas (my callsign), a Viper mk7 pilot and commander of Perseus Sqdn. If you wish to fly mk1 Vipers then you should consider joining Blue Squadron, look in the groups section. Geographical location is irrelevant,  I am from the UK,  but now live in Spain. As far as I know uniforms are not a requirement,  I don't have one,  but can be obtained if you want one. As for role playing the best are the Raven Battle Group combat ops, the last on 26th February. A transcript can be found in the homepage.If I can be of any further help please ask,  or contact the CAG, Lt. Mik Mo.

Aeneas, Perseus Sqdn

Welcome aboard Anthony. The Spartans are always looking for a good pilot. Mk 1 or VII.

I have an Original Series Colonial Warrior outfit.  I have a cloak being made now and an ANOVOS jacket ordered.  I'm working on finding good boots.  Won't be exact, but they'll look good. 

I also have a new series BDU outfit.

I would like to join with a group of Viper pilots from each series.  What do I do...?

Dave Hernandez

Below, first image, I'm on the left (and hello Paul on the far right!)

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