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New Moebius Viper MKII and Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined models Score and W.I.P.



I'm SOOOOO stoked!! I just got my newly purchased Moebius Battlestar Galactica and Viper MKII models delivered! They look SWEEEEET!!


here's stock photos from the models:


This will be a long and slow work in progress as I really want to make these 2 models something worth of a signature from Mr. Edward Olmos (if I ever get to meet him in this life)


On the Viper I plan to make it Adama's Viper and I'm pulling all my model expertise on it to make it look the best I can. I'll add Lights to the thrusters (hopefully with dimming effect independent of each one to create the full burn effect) and lights to the HUD and dradis.


hull will sport a clean but realistic look to reproduce Adama's last flight and I will modify the head of the pilot to include a sculpt of Comander Adama's face and helmet windshield. the head will be looking sideways to the left as he did on his last pass over The Old Lady.


It is a VERY emotive moment for me as I know it is to Mr. Olmos himself.


The Old lady Galactica herself will sport different gray and metal panel detailing, some battle damage details and lights in thrusters and hangar bays.


I'll post again with pics of the progress starting off in 2 weeks since next week I will be on a vacation trip and wont be able to start the build on them until I return.


wish me luck!

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                 just curious on the status did you ever finish or is it still on going. look forward to seeing some finished photos oft the ole girl when you have her completely built.

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