"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."


Moebius Mk-II Viper with Display Case Raffle In Support of “Team Zoë” Airlock Leukemia

Moebius Mk-II Viper with Display Case Raffle

In Support of “Team Zoë”

Airlock Leukemia

For those of you that haven't meet Zoe "Blossom" James she is a happy four year old whom was diagnosed with ALL. ALL is just one type of Leukemia that targets children as they begin their early childhood. No one regardless of age should have to suffer with any type of disease. Sadly, the world we live in doesn't promise anyone a long, happy, healthy life. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. We all must live each day to it's fullest experiencing everything around us.

Every penny collected it the raffle of this Mk-II Viper model will be given in support of Zoe Blossom James so she can have the best childhood while she battles Leukemia. No amount of money can give us our health back, but it can continue to put a smile on a child's face to help her forget she has a sickness that could possibly claim her life.

In support and in honor of Zoe, I raffle my first Moebius Mk-II Viper.


I am donating my first Moebius Mk-II Viper to be raffled in support of Zoë “Blossom” James Airlock Leukemia fund raiser. First of all, the kit was built with extra detail in mind to make the model come to life by incorporating an aftermarket PE kit and LED lighting in the cockpit and engines.


The PE (Photo Etched) kit made by ParaGrafix was used to add extra detail to the cockpit to fully take advantage of the LED’s to light up the instrument panel and gauges. ParaGrafix PE set also comes with a translucent sheet that simulates a working Dradis screen and also adds detail to the various gages. The PE set has two different types of grates so the LED’s brightly shine through the engines as if the Viper were ready to launch to protect the fleet.

 Here's a few images of the pilot and a close up of what I use as my avatar here at the BFC.

Here's a couple close ups of the added engine details and the body work to hide the unsightly seems that join the upper engine cowling just behind the cockpit.

The last two photos show the Mk-II at the Pawtucket Aero Space Shipyard along with the next two Mk-II's on the assembly line soon to become the 2nd and 3rd Flying Tiger's Vipers (FTV) built to date. The first FTV was built by Lt Jg Bunny a flight leader with our squadron.

For those of you with a good eye, you can see one of the early cannons that was fitted to the first Raven an old three master sailing frigate that protected the seas of Caprica many Yarns ago!!!!LOL (not really, but an interesting story don't you think?)

This Viper is the first to be lit up without using a switch to turn the lights on and off. I had plans to build a hanger deck diorama. All the Viper hanger deck dioramas I looked at had some type of wires externally attached to the Viper to power its lighting kit. I envisioned a cleaner less cluttered look without wires or switches to distract the viewer.


The under side view of my Mk-II reveals two contacts (+ and -) attached to the rear skids. The positive and negative wires are soldered to the contacts. The wires run through the skids inside the Viper and attach to the cockpit and engine lighting. The deck will have two contacts that will be connected to a battery. Placing the viper on top of the deck contacts will turn the lights on. Moving the Viper ½ inch in any direction will turn off the lights. Very simple don’t you think? Best of all, no unsightly wires so the ground crew will not get tangled in while preparing the Viper for launch.


Raffle ticket will be offered online in increments of $5 to $10 dollars using PayPal and any amount in person at Conventions the Battlestar Raven has a fan table set up. For $5.95 online you’ll receive 6 tickets or $11.09 you’ll get 13 tickets. These prices include Postage and PayPal fee to send money to a friend. If the tickets are purchased with your PayPal balance the price is $5.49 for 6 tickets and $10.49 for 13 tickets. Outside the United States E-mail your address and I will quote you the exact shipping price.

I am in the process of designing a display case that will protect the model for years to come. I will post photos as soon as it's finished.

The only thing I need is the raffle tickets and the raffle will get under way. I will post another comment when the ticket window opens.

Go Team Zoë, SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Display Case Update:

Hi everyone,

I looked everywhere for a suitable pre-made display case to use for this raffle. I was at the point of building the case myself then I found this one. As you will see, it has a mirror in the back of the cover so it's easy to view both sides of whatever is placed inside. In our case, a 1/32 scale Moebius Mk-II Viper. After I make a few modifications to the base (battery for lights, paint the base to look like a Battlestar hanger deck) the raffle will begin.

Please take a look at the display case and let me know what you think about it.

Go Team Zoe!!!

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Here's a photo of the first Raven's Canon!!!LOL Actually this is a 45 caliber black powder replica of the canon's used on Old Iron Sides the USS Constitution. I know the canon has nothing to do with the Viper Raffle; it shows how nice anything that's put inside this display case would look.

Very soon the ticket window will open and the sale of raffle tickets will begin. Thanks for looking,

Capt Reamer

Display Case Update:

Hi Everyone,

The Display Case if finally finished. The base has been painted and the battery box installed. The base was raised up 1 inch to allow the battery box to be added. Here's a few photos of the finished Display Case with the Viper lite up by the battery under the base.

Here's a photo of the original Battlestar Galactica set taken while the hanger bay had nothing in it showing the stripe painted where a Viper would be parked.

The Raffle will get underway very soon, maybe as soon as next week some time. I'm just waiting for the raffle tickets to arrive and then I will announce that the "Ticket Window is Open."!!!!!

The Viper will be en-route to Texas to make it's first live appearance at the Houston Comicpalooza - May 23 - 26 Memorial Weekend. If you're attending the event, stop by the Battlestar Raven table to see the Viper in person and purchase your raffle tickets in any denomination.

Go Team Zoë!!!!!

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Two Last Minute Touches before Shipping Out

Hi Everyone,

I know you have seen so many photos of this Viper and its Display Case. These are the last photo’s I’ll be taking of it. It’s all packaged up and it shipped out to Texas the 14th of May.

Steve Tweed was so gracious to allow me to use the Team Zoë patch Design he created. I think along with the plaque I had engraved they add a special touch of class to this display. What do you think?

The Viper is resting peacefully among the pink packing peanuts as it makes its journey to Texas and ultimately to it’s new owner and future home. The shelf it once sat on has an empty spot waiting for me to finish my own Flying Tiger’s Mk-II Viper. Very soon it should be completed.

Here’s a couple links to the two Video’s I posted on the Ravens Facebook page a couple days ago:

1/32 Scale Moebius Mk-II Viper Raffle to Benifit Team Zoe Fight Leu...

1/32 Scale Moebius Viper Mk-II Raffle to Benifit Team Zoe Fight Leu...

Hopefully the next photos you see of this Viper and its Display Case will be when Tricia Helfer sings it at Comicpalooza in Houston Texas in a couple week from now.

Go Team Zoë!!!!

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!!!


The Team Zoë Fight Leukemia Moebius Viper Mk-II Raffle Ticket Window Is OPEN!!!!!!


Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, get your Tickets here!!!!

The Tickets can be purchased through PayPal: Six tickets for $5.49 and 13 tickets for $10.49. Tickets will also be on sale in person at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas May 23-26. The Viper will be there in person so you can check it out. 


The Viper and its Display will also be in person at other Comic Conventions to be announced, so stay tuned in to the Battlestar Ravens Facebook page for updates!!!!


The buyer must choose the send money to a friend option. If you have funds in your PayPal account, or your PayPal account is linked to your bank account there are no fees involved to send funds using this method.


If the buyer uses either a Credit Card or a Debit card through PayPal, there is a small fee that will be charged to the buyer (46 cents for purchasing 6 tickets and 60 cents if 13 tickets are purchased).


Login to www.paypal.com and click on send money, type in this E-mail address: mk2viperraffle@yahoo.com then type in the amount of money and select send money to a friend.


Make sure your correct mailing address is on your PayPal account. I also need a phone number and E-mail address that will be active on the day of the raffle (8/2/2015). The winning Ticket will be chosen the last day of Galacticon 4. The winner will be contacted before the Viper and its Display Case is shipped to the winner!!!!!

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple things to add to this discussion. As you know, this Viper and it's display are currently on display at the Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas. Yesterday, Tricia "Caprica 6" Helfer autographed the base of it's display case, here's a photo of how it looks now.

This display was desirable and worth a good amount to begin with, now that Tricia Helfer signed it, it's value is rising!!!!

I know this kit is available pre-finished from Moebius for people that have never built a model kit before or people that don't think they have the proper skills to do a good job building model kits.

I'm going to share a couple photo of the pre-finished Moebius Mk-II Viper so you can compare it to the one I built and donated to this worthy cause.

Please don't get me wrong, I love this kit and I'm not bashing it in any way. I'm very happy Moebius made it available to all of us. All the Vipers were available in a larger scale made of resin, but they are priced much higher than most people can afford.

If the builders at Moebius put as much effort into the pre-finished kits they offer they would cost a lot more once again making it's price much higher than it is.

Here's a few photos so you can compare mine to theirs. Who wouldn't spend a few dollars to buy some raffle tickets for this beautiful display. One very fortunate person will we proudly displaying this in their collection sometime next August. You must buy your tickets, or you will not have a chance to be the lucky winner!!!!!

Enough talk, here's the photos!!!!!

By looking at these three photos you can see what I'm talking about.

GO TEAM ZOE, GO! ! ! ! !

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Team Zoë Moebius Mk-II Viper Raffle 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes Added

Hi Everyone,

I decided to sweeten the Viper Raffle by adding 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 2nd Place will be a Hot Wheels 35th Anniversary Mk-I Viper. 3rd Place will be a Hot Wheels 35th Anniversary Cylon Raider. The Viper and Raider are new in the box and have never been opened. I was going to hang on to them for a few years and see how much I could sell them for on E-bay. Raising funds for Zoë and her family are more important to me, so the Hot Wheels have become additional prizes.


Zoë and her two sisters along with help from their mother have made a piece of Art that will be on display with the Viper being raffled. The Art will be mounted in a custom frame so both sides are visible. Julie James, Zoë’s mother wrote a thank you note on the back to all that have purchased raffle tickets. The framed Art will be added to the First place drawing in the raffle.


The day of the drawing the first ticket wins the Viper Mk-II its display case and the framed Art by Zoë and her sisters. 2nd ticket wins Hot Wheels 35th Anniversary Mk-I Viper. 3rd ticket wins Hot Wheels 35th Anniversary Cylon Raider.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at Conventions the Mk-II Viper is on display. One ticket for $1 Dollar each, 6 tickets for $5 Dollars and 13 tickets for $10 Dollars. On-line ticket sales through PayPal are 6 tickets for $5.49  and 13 tickets for $10.49.

Go Team Zoë, GO! ! ! ! !


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Hi Everyone,

I finally found a real nice Display Case for the Team Zoe Mk-II Viper Raffle. I was prepared to make it my self; It probably would have cost me more than what I paid for this one not to mention the time it would have taken to build it from scratch.

All I have to do is add the 9 Volt battery and paint the base to look like a hanger deck and it will be ready to be raffled off for Zoe "Blossom" James.

As soon as the raffle tickets are available, the ticket window will open!!!


Nice ride. PayPal is a great idea. When/where can I buy tickets?

Hi Iceworm,

Kreios is going to be making special Team Zoe raffle tickets for this raffle. When they're available, I will post an E-mail address for the PayPal sight to purchase the tickets.

The Viper and Display Case will be attending some of the conventions this year and the tickets will also be available in person at these Cons. The Raffle will go on for at least a year and I'm even thinking that it may end at G4.

Possibly it can be brought to G4 for the last raffle tickets to be sold and the last day a random guest could be chosen to pick the winning ticket. I wish I could attend the event, but I don't think it's possible.

Thanks for your interest and for checking out this Blog!!!

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Hi Everyone,

Finally the Display Case is completed!!!! The Viper will be traveling to Texas next week to be on display at the Houston Comicpalooza - May 23 - 26 Memorial Weekend. Having the Viper at the convention in person should boost ticket sales in support of Zoe "Blossom" James. The raffle will end on August 2, 2015 which is the last day of G4. I'm hoping to have the Viper on hand when the winning raffle ticket is drawn.

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Hi Everyone,

Here's the last photos of the Viper while it was in my care. I hope where ever its journey takes it, it is well received by all who get to see it.

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

Very Nice! If Only Packing And Shipping Were THAT Simple!

ATTENTION ALL DECKS: The Operation Zoe Viper has landed in Houston, I say again, the Viper has landed. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Package appears to be in good shape. Intend to wait until I go to the Hotel to unpack it to avoid excessive handling. Mission Protocols are in effect. End of Transmission.

Copy that Iceworm, double the guard and keep any suspicious people away from it. They could be Cylon skin jobs of a model we haven't encountered yet attempting a hijack to reverse engineer the Mk-II and use it against us!!! Can you imagine the damage a couple squadrons of Mk-II's manned by Cylons could do to the fleet?

None shall pass, and none shall leave except as scrap, metal or otherwise.

Hi Everyone,

It's with great pleasure and excitement That I announce to you that the Team Zoe Fight Leukemia Raffle Ticket Window is OPEN!!!!!

Lt Steve "Kreios" Tweed did an awesome job creating the tickets and the promotional poster. I would like to personally thank Steve for his time and effort helping out with this project!!!!

Go Team Zoe, Go Team Zoe, GO!!!!!!

SO SAY WE ALL! ! ! ! !

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