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               If anyone is interested Moebius Models is releasing the new scale version of the Battlestar Pegasus 1/4105  A bit bigger and more rich in detail.  Especially if you are a model builder this is for you.  All Battlestar Galactica models are always sought out, but not many Pegasus are seen.

              If you are interested in the Battlestar Pegasus, Galactica or other Battlestar Galactica ships.  Go to the Moebius site located here http://www.moebiusmodels.com   The Pegasus is a very detailed kit and includes a base for display.  Obviously as any other model Paint and glue will be needed for assembly. Enjoy and pass on the information going price for the Pegasus will be $64.99   Take care folks.

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That will be awesome! Maybe I will do that when I get my Viper!

I'm going To Do That With My Viper Mk. 7 as well! I Already have The Photo-Etch On The Way.

Hi Everyone,

I see that the Moebius Pegasus finally went on sale today. It’s probably not at the hobby shop I go to, but I have purchased stuff from Hobbylinc before and their prices are usually lower on many items. They have the Pegasus listed at $51.84. When I have the cash that’s where I’ll be getting mine after I do a little price checking else where. I just wanted to give all of you a heads up.


Lt Jg Reamer


Cool to hear i look forward to seeing the it once it has been built to your satisfaction.  Good luck on it and remember no rushing that is when mistakes occur. Be safe.

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