"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."


Fresh news about Blood and Chrome, but no official decision taken by Mr. Stern...

Some news about Blood and Chrome, but still nothing conclusive...  It could be linked to the future of Sanctuary on Syfy...


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I saw Bear McCreary had made a comment about having finished scoring the B & C project. Thats a good sign.

I'm wondering why no one here is talking about the new trailer, from my point of view it's awesome...wow... really cool!!! At the moment you may watch the trailer on youtube, even if it won't get long it will be yanked of...

So take a look, it's fantastic...

So say we all... :-)

The trailer is there around, but in a way we dont violate copyright, and we have been talking about it.  If you look well you'll find some thread about it.

I wont agree with you Jesse simply because I consider that BSG reimagined is a far better show than Classical BSG.  It's a question of taste, of what we like about TV shows.  This Realistic Sci Fi and post-apocalyptic show, I consider it a masterpiece of Sci-fi.   Here we are all united in this Fan Club, both Classical and Reimagined BSG fans.  Richard Hatch is maybe the best symbol of our unity as a Fan Club as he chose to support the new show, not like Mr. Benedict...

I'm not even a "space-opera" type of person. "Star Wars" was pretty good & the main thing that I like about "Star Trek" is that a '75 DPS Kirk mask was used to make The Shape's mask.

But "Battlestar Galactica" has drawn almost my entire family in - we are still obsessing over as many details we can think of. I don't know the ratings of the show while it was on the air, but it did have some very good marketing as even the KFC in my small town had the "Don't Say Frak" campaign going on (or whatever it was.) When it ended, we waited on pins & needles for "The Plan" & even allowed ourselves to get into "Caprica" to somewhat to somewhat tame our BSG-cravings. Of course, we didn't expect "Caprica" to last because it just didn't have the appeal of BSG - but it would have been nice if the show had been allowed to at least attempt to connect itself to the future events.

SyFy (& what was wrong with SciFi?) not jumping all over "Blood & Chrome" tells me one of two things:

1.) SyFy does not care about its core audience - it would rather attract external viewers such as wrestling fans & other such nonsense.

2.) BSG was not as popular as I perceived it to be.

Sadly, I'm beginning to think the second is the case in that I rarely come across anyone who knows anything or even cares to about the show. I can let go of a good show - when a story is over it should end. But BSG is not over, in this fan's opinion. Personally, I'm a major fan of the Cylons and would like a story that goes back to events far before "Caprica" (the "original" Twelve Colonies, the Thirteenth Tribe, the exodus from Kobol, & so on.) But, I suppose dream is all I can do at this moment. It seems as though an angry mob creating a riot wouldn't change the minds of "those in charge," much less one lone voice crying out from the wilderness.

FRAK Sanctuary! Time To Send MORE Letters,E-Mails,ect. Time For MORE Pressure People!

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