"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens.


A while ago, while on vacation, I had this dream of a story for a new season of BSG (The reimagined version). I woke up in the middle of it, but, just for fun, here is roughly what I remember, with some adjustments.

I'll try to go on with the story as soon as I can. Cheers!

BSG Season 05 Ep 01 [No title yet]

(based on a dream I had in april 11th, 2023)

(the camera shows a mysterious figure approaching a cabin at night)
(the mysterious figure knocks at the cabin door)
(Bill Adama opens the door, looking surprised at the figure)
[Bill] Saul?
[Saul] Hey Bill. So, you're really still here, after all those years. Can I come in? I'm freezing my ass out here.
[Bill] Of course. Come in.
[Saul] Argh... thanks!
[Bill] I'm sorry, Saul, but do you mind if I lay down while we talk? I'm getting old.
(Bill removes his glasses and lay down on an uncomfortable looking couch, covering himself with a light blanket)
[Saul] Yeah, yeah, you're well beyond old. And beyond any manners with your visitors.
[Bill] (Smiling) Yeah, I guess so. There's some tea over the counter. It should be still hot.
[Saul] (while taking off some heavier clothes and walking to the counter) Tea? What kind of tea can you make at this place?
[Bill] It's a tea I make with some green leaves that grow in the area. I just call it green leaves tea.
[Saul] Hmmm... that's creative.
[Bill] Well, I'm well beyond creativity, too, I guess.
[Saul] (chuckles while tasting the tea) Frak, it actually tastes like a "green leaves tea".
[Bill] Now, you didn't come all the way here just to complain about my tea, did you?
[Saul] (while seating in the armchair in front of the couch) No... I did not. Tell me, Bill, that Raptor you've kept, does it still flies?
[Bill] (still with closed eyes) Hah. I don't know. It might! Are you looking for someone? (slightly opening his eyes) Sometimes... sometimes I think about go looking for Lee.
[Saul] That'd be like finding a needle in the mountains.
[Bill] I know. I just wish to see him one last time and tell him...
[Saul] Tell him what?
[Bill] (closing his eyes again breathing out, almost sleeping) Some things I should've told him long ago, before he left.
[Saul] Well, to answer your question, Bill, I'm not looking for anything: I've already found it. What I'm trying to figure out is how the hell do I lose them again.
[Bill] Them?
[Saul] I don't know what happened Bill, and I don't know how they did it, and I don't really care. The Cylons are back. They're here. Not the good ones.
[Bill] (slowly opening his eyes again, pausing for a moment and looking for his glasses) What are you saying, Saul?
[Saul] I've seen them, Bill. Not very far, about 20 clicks from here. A group of 6 cylons, 3 human-like and 3 old toasters.
[Bill] (gruning and going to the counter to get some tea) Didn't we have a deal with them? I'm too old for that sort of news, Saul. I don't know what to say.
[Saul] You're too old? Look at me. Who had the brilliant idea to make Cylons get old?
[Bill] What were they doing?
[Saul] Frak me if I know. Some kind of land survey. Maybe they're opening a new Cylon factory. Maybe a new research facility for testing Cylon tech on the local humans, like the one you've found once. Makes sense to me, but I don't know. They didn't look friendly, that's for sure.
[Bill] (smiling) Well, if it's a Cylon factory, that's actually good news. You could use some spare parts. (laughing)
[Saul] Arrgh... don't make me laugh, Bill. I still don't believe it, no matter how many times they prove it to me. I'm no frakking toaster. (stands up and go get some more tea)
[Bill] Anyway, we're too old for that, Saul. We've fought our fight. We brought our people here. Maybe it's time to let them fight their fight.
[Saul] They're just farmers and civilians now. They don't have any weapons, any training.
[Bill] They can make some weapons. Lee could still lead them. At least, we can ask him to.
[Saul] Lee is missing, you said it yourself. He's probably fraking Starbuck on some cabin not much better than this one somewhere very far from here.
[Bill] (sighing) No, he's not. Kara is gone, don't you remember that?
[Saul] Someone told me, but I don't believe it. What do that even mean, "she's gone"? Gone where?
[Bill] I'm not really sure anymore. Last time I spoke to Lee, he said: "she was right here, and then she was gone", and I knew what he meant at the time. The look in his eyes relayed the message to me better than his words. She brought us here and completed her mission, and now she's gone.
[Saul] Oooh... the Universe never ceases to amaze me: makes Starbuck disappear, then reappear, then disappear, and now we have Cylons here. Frak me.
[Bill] They were here before. You're one of them. (smiling)
[Saul] Frak me twice!
[Bill] (slowly going back to his couch) When I was looking for the spot to build this cabin, I scouted a good part of this area. There are beautiful valleys and rivers about 100 clicks north of here. I've told Lee that, before he left. There's a small chance he's still following this trail or even living near these rivers. He needs water, food and good weather, which he can find there.
[Saul] If that place was so amazing, why did you chose to live here?
[Bill] I just... I thought Laura would like here better.
[Saul] Well, it's a hell of a long shot, but it's not like I have any better plans. We must find him, or someone who can still fight. Can I sleep on the floor?
[Bill] You can, but you don't need to. The bed from my cabin on Galactica is on the other room. I just never got used to it.
[Saul] (standing up and walking to the other room) You know, that actually explains a lot.

(Morning - Bill and Saul are seen entering a big cave behind a watefall with torches)

[Bill] I wish you could've seen me maneuvering the Raptor inside this cave. It was a beautiful maneuver.
[Saul] I believe you. Those things are harder to control under gravity.
[Bill] (illuminating the Raptor's hull with the torch's flame) And there she is. She's in a rough shape.
[Saul] Aren't we all? Damn Cylons. Do you think she still flies?
[Bill] Let's find out.

(they both enter the ship)
[Bill] Well, we still have power. You know, Saul, I've had a very, very long time to think about your Cylon situation.
(Bill starts the Raptor, which begins to float a few inches from the ground)
[Saul] (amazed to be flying again in decades) You do realize you could've exploded us both by starting her without a full check-up first, right?
[Bill] (also amazed) Yeah, yeah. I do realize that.
[Saul] (sitting besides Bill) So, what was your conclusion about my "Cylon situation" after all those years?
[Bill] Well, you're just an uglier toaster.
(both start laughing and the Raptor flies out the cave)

(To be continued...)

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