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Hi, I'm a new member to the forum and have a question about how to obtain a customized replica dogtag (from the reboot, not TOS). I know QMx has one, but I'm not crazy about the trademark etc. on the backside. (And they also appear to be sold out now.) Galron seems to have had an excellent one, but they appear to be out of business as well.

Any tips would be much appreciated, and mahalo (thanks) from Honolulu.



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This isn't my specialty, but I do remember some members of the Battlestar Fan Club made their own a while back. You can get a flat piece of appropriately colored metal and carefully hacksaw off the corners and then stamp or engrave the info.  You might even try getting some tags made at a pet store and then cut and paint them appropriately. You'd just have to make sure you choose a large design. Probably though, the first idea is more practical.

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Good hunting! So say we all!

Thanks, Buzzsaw. Yeah, I'd think finding blanks should be relatively easy, but I'm thinking that getting the engraving/lettering/font right would be more of a challenge.

I just visited both links and they are working. I must admit I have never dog tags quite like them.

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