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Viper and Raptor Etc Qualification and Testing:

            Certification for Colonials interested in qualifying in the roles of pilot whether its Viper, Raptor, Shuttle.  The goal is to have fun even though you are not flying real Vipers and such.  However for anyone interested you can fly Vipers and other assortment of ship from the Colonial Fleet using Microsoft Flight Sim.  You can download the crafts for free at www.flightsim.com  You will have to create an account buts its free.  Alright with that out of the way it is easy to qualify on either Viper or Raptor by reading the material and passing a multiple choice examination.  The material is being revised and will be available soon.  However instead of waiting members can take the existing manual and examination.  I will grade the examination and email members directly with their grade and certificate of completion.  In addition once qualified you will be assigned either a Raptor, Viper, Blackbird or Shuttle Craft registry.


           Please note there is no promotion for passing an exam regardless of highest score.  Promotion will rest solely with the Chapter Commanding and Executive Officers.  I will be discussing “Promotions” in a different topic at a later time.  Something to take into consideration when talking about high score.  If you happen to be the Viper pilot who scores 100% you are automatically declared a TOP GUN!  You earn your Senior Pilot wings and the coveted TOP GUN Award certificate which you will also receive via email.  Your examinations can be emailed to CAG_VF84@yahoo.com please allow 24 to 48 hours for your examination to be graded and email back to you.  Also inform your CAG of your score thus passing or failing so there is a history to be tracked.  This however will be left to the discretion of the member.  Member must submit the examination directly to me.  This will also help me meet fellow Battlestar Fan Club members as well.   I am looking forward too in to order to make new friends as well to assist should anyone have any questions.  Even though I like too hear from Commanding Officers.  I rather get the emails directly from fellow Battlestar Fan Club Members thank for your cooperation.


            Tail numbers and how they are broken down.  Below I will use my tail number for training purpose b/c when you are assigned yours identifying with it will be simple.  I will also include other registry number will be used depending on what small ship a member in the Battlestar Fan Club Fleet decides to fly.



-06016TX  (This is a Viper tail number also know as a VRN: Viper Registry Number)

Here is the break down 06 Tell what state / Fleet your from.

The number 016 is the viper number I am assigned too.

Finally TX short for Texas and when you put them together VRN: 06016TX is my tail number.


            The same format and break down for the following small ship listed below so everyone is on the same page and helps avoid confusion.

VRN (Viper Registry Number) :06016TX

RRN (Raptor Registry Number) :R06016TX

SRN (Shuttlecraft Registry Number) :SC06016TX

SSRN (Stealth Ship Registry Number) :S06016TX Sand for any Cylon fans out there yes you can be assigned a Cylon tail number as well. The format for that is listed below as well.

CRN (Cylon Raider Number) : CR06016TX  this will cover new and old keep things simple.

CHN (Cylon Heavy Number) :CH06016TX


            As with many of my post I will update as needed and thank everyone for their continued support and cooperation on all fronts.  I the revised manual and updates will be completed after the holidays.  However as I stated earlier you can use the old material and it is still for good.  Email me your answers for grading within 24 to 48 hours at CAG_VF84@yahoo.com.  If you don’t get a 100% you can re-test in 3 months time for another shot.  Your Chapter Commanding Officer should have the material if not then can email me and i will get it to them.  Members can also email me directly and i can email you the manual and testing material.

         When submitting your examination please kept it simple just MS_Word and follow the following example to make it really super easy on your and fast grading turn around. If you wish to make a remark next to answer you have that option.


Viper or Raptor:

Chapter 1

1- B

2- C

3- True

            Any questions can be forwarded to me via email at CAG_VF84@yahoo.com  please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.   Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.

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