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Ship Manning Level for disposition and Dry Dock Procedures:

       Manning aboard a Battlestar is everything if a chapter falls under manning in this case less then 25 members. The chapter will go from active duty into a dry dock status until the manning level are raised back to the standard level no exceptions.  This is the responsibility of the Commanding and Executive Officer.  Smaller ship manning level will be discussed in a different topic. Monthly ship status can be emailed to me for activity as well as manning status.

(Dry Dock Initial)   During this time a chapter is placed initially to try and establish communications in order to find out there status.  Perhaps a Chapter is having a problem either internally or externally.  Another problem the Commanding or Executive Officer are indisposed unable to submit their CRF (Command Reporting Form).  Once the disposition as has been ascertained then Ship is removed from dry dock status and moved back into active duty.  There is no penalty or decommissioning of the ship, (Dry Dock Initial) is just one step in three which after 60 days of no communications would lead to the ship being decommissioned.

(Dry Dock 30 Days)   This 30 day dry dock window is used either at the request of Chapter Commanding Officer or Commander, BFC.  Allowing the Commanding Officer and crew to fix any issues which may hinder the Chapter and no monthly report does not need to be submitted.  When a 30 day dry dock is request by either points of the leadership.  An extension can be requested at then of the end of the 30th day without penalty.

(Dry Dock 60 Days)   The 60 Days in dry dock without any communications to Commander, BFC will lead to the chapter being decommissioned.  All crew personnel will be allowed to transfer to a Chapter of their choosing.  The Chapter will then be officially decommissioned and the hull number retired from fleet service.  Once a hull number is retires it will not be reinstated a new number will be assigned to any new commission asset.  This will help in developing the BFC Fleet history and building a legacy in which to build on.

            It is the mission of every Commanding Officer to keep the Chapter (SHIP) clear of dry dock.  Everyone is aware there will be problems in each chapter as well as disharmony or lack of cooperation.  However I am confident everyone will do their very best to be cooperative and fun well rounded individuals.  I will not decommission any Chapter unless I have no choice and have exhausted every option.  The shipboard reporting every month will be the standard on communications with Commander, BFC.  When implanted I will have a section which I will record all Chapters reporting in for each month.

         Any questions can be forwarded to me via email at CAG_VF84@yahoo.com  please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.   Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.

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