"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."


First of all I need to make a correction to a previous blog post (yeah, I just issued a corrected blog, but I'll post it again here!).

We will be meeting up with Bear McCreary NEXT Saturday...the 21st rather than today the 14th at Dark Delicacies in Burbank California.

My error, got the weeks mixed up!

We will be bringing you an exclusive video interview with him and have it available for everyone here.

In the meantime...feel free to chat about the Bear!


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Hi Shawn, Thats good news. I am looking forward to the interview.  Bear McCreary is of such big importance in Battlestar Galactica, as well as in Caprica.


Will the interview be recorded too?  Its an honor to do an interview with Bear. I hope some interesting things will be said.


And for al the fans who haven't seen the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra live. Go look at some video's on www.youtube.com.  Or follow the links on my homepage.  It's more then worthy to see.


Please , everyone, support the Bear. 

Did I not mention this?

We DO feature Bear's blog right here on the site...as soon as he adds something, here it is!

So everyone keep your eyes open for that.

Thank you Donny for your support...Donny here is a helluva guy!

mm Shawn,  now you make me blush a little.  Realy, you do.  Battlestar Galactica and Bear McCreary are binded together like cheese on a cheeseburger.


I am honered to be here, and to be a part of a big family.


You know something,


I ADORE this man's music! I play it all the time at home and not only does my background include acting but a fair amount of dancing as well so I have done my share of choreography to Bear's work.

In the early day of the series, I believe Bear said, the directors were more restrictive of the types of genres of music he could use but towards the end, well you can hear for yourself, how much licence he was given.


As a bonafide music affeciando, WHO is going to sit with me and have a conversation about Bear's music?         Preferably over some intense caffinated beverage. Where? At Galacticon? We just have to find out where and when.       Do I have a date with someone? ( Hey Shawn, Bear would be a great guest at Galacticon-hint)


I would love to have Bear there! It would be something to have him bring his group (not full orchestra!) & do a concert as well...but we'll see.
Please ask BEAR, if he is going to be doing the music for the new "Blood and Chrome" Pilot?  And is he going to continuing his work on EUREKA?

There is one question I would like to ask you, the lucky ones that can be there, to ask in turn to Mr. Mcreary.


Where did he got the inspiration for, or how did Wander my Friends came to being. I've been hearing Celtic music all my life and this piece is hands down THE best song I've ever heard. It always bring tears and a strong and uncontrollable feeling to my chest. Being an artist myself I'm really interested in the creative process that brought such a strong and beautiful piece into being.


The same can be asked of the series main "religiously oriented" theme song "All along the watchtower". I'm truly interested in knowing the process that threaded the Bear's version of the song with the series in such a literal way. The song is not only an omen to both Members of the Cylon group and the viewers but it is also fully linked to the "Godly" or spiritual aspect of Kara Thrace.

Her obsession with the song and the numbers the one scale of the song she keeps hearing (1123,6536,5321 in phrygian mode scale) and how that takes them home (not mentioning that the sequence has echoes of the Fibonacci sequence and that in itself branches to an Immense bunch of other theories) integrates the song and it's mathematical secuence to the series in a nerve deep level to the series.


Also taking into account that the song's lyrics (the original Bob Dylan's song) are meant to be understood backwards chronologically during the song also Hints at the series confusion of time itself and where did the events took shape (until the last moments when we DO know it was in our, the viewers past).


I know they're kinda long for questions, but over a cup of coffee I think we can get pretty interesting answers and go deeper into the mind and the spirit of "The Bear"

Hi Richard,  aahhhh yes, the music of "the Bear" is realy something to write whole pages full. Just recently i bought the cd with all the music from Battlestar Galactica. The box-set from the show i have for years now.


Wander my friends. The main red line in this song is all over season one and two i believe. In the song "a good lighter" it is the first time i heard it. The lyrics from "wander my friends", i have no idea what they sing.  What i do now is that i've seen the show carefully and many times. And i feel what the music brings. :) It's holy.  hihi


Kara and her song on the piano. I don't think it is an obsession what she has for the song. It is more a memory she has with it, that tries to tell her someting, guide her.  All along the watchtower. What a lot of guts they had to do this.

I like how you tell everything in so much colours.That's what Battlestar Galactica does with the mind ha...


Let me say , if i listen to the cd, i always see the show in front of me,  scenes flash before me..  Its plain magic this show.    I have to go eat. i will be back here soon.    In admiration,


Kara's memory (or "activation of memory") of the song starts driving her nuts and by the end of it she is obsessing with getting it right in the piano.

Wander my friends is amazing piece not just for the sounds and sheer beauty of it but because of the lyrics.

As I understand it it's written in old Galeic and the song itself is a about not giving up in the face of despair and hardship and Toast in recognition to those that have passed on but still walk along side us in spirit and who drive us, through their memory to push ever forward:

Galeic lyrics:

Siulaigi a chairde, siulaidh liom
Mar cheo an tsleibhe uaine ag
imeacht go deo
D’ainneoin ar dtuirse leanfam an tsli
Thar chnoic is thar ghleannta
go deireadh na scrib’

Seo libh a chairde is canaidh liom
Lionaigi’n oiche le greann is le sport

Seo slainte na gcarad ata imithe uainn
Mar cheo an tsleibhe uaine,
iad imithe go deo

Siulaigi a chairde, siulaidh liom
Mar cheo an tsleibhe uaine ag
imeacht go deo

D’ainneoin ar dtuirse leanfam an tsli
Thar chnoic is thar ghleannta
go deireadh na scrib’

Siulaigi a chairde, siulaidh liom Go Deo

English translation:

Wander my friends, wander with me
Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally

Despite our weariness
we'll follow the road
Over hill and and valleys
to the end of the journey

Come on my friends and sing with me
Fill the night with joy and sport

Here's a toast to the friends who have gone from us
Like the mist of the green mountain,
gone forever

Wander my friends, wander with me
Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally

Despite our weariness
we'll follow the road
Over hill and and valleys
to the end of the journey

Wander my friends, wander with me until the end.


to me it's the perfect song. specially since I've had to struggle with my own life for many many years and although I've lost loved ones on my road I always keep remembering them and their teachings. it is not the goal but the trip to it that is the adventure.

Always pushing forward. The Spirit is unbreakable when tempered by the teachings of wise people.

That's why I love Galactica so much. The series really reached deep into my own heart and allowed a lot of very positive and noble stuff I had inside, locked away in desperation after some series of very hurtful and desperate events, to resurface. Might sound theatrical or dramatic and if it does so be it. But I feel (and all my family does too) that after seeing BSG the re-imagined series I turned into a better person than I ever was.

to me BSG, specially because of Mr. Edward J. Olmos and Michael Hogan's Adama and Tigh characters, was Edifying.

I admire them for the Nobility, the Character and The Loyalty they portrayed in the series. and it is my fan's dream to someday be able to shake their hands and thank them in person for what they, unknowingly, gave me.

You are my man,  i could't have said i better for me too.


So Say We All.!

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