"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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Hi All Freya Here,

I wanted to give a report on how my Dragon Con 2016 experience was. Dragon Con is a large convention that is home to just about every fandom that is out there. I think that is what makes it so successful and so much fun is you get to see a little (or alot) of everything that is out there. Dragon Con normally plays host to about 80,000 people over the 5 day time period. There is so much to do and see while you are there is can be overwhelming at times. 

On Thursday as we were traveling there I received a message from DragonLady asking if I was comfortable with representing the BFC and giving an interview with Scifiction.com I immediately agreed even though I was nervous being on camera but I knew I would be ok. We settled into our hotel and changed into costumes and went walking.

Friday I was able to attend the Warehouse 13 Panel and I livestreamed a small portion of it. Eddie McClintock ended the panel by completing the #22push challenge which is a social media awareness challenge for increase awareness of Veteran Suicides (Many thanks to Ja Johnston for posting the challenge and how it works on the facebook page). I was able to stream almost the entire BSG panel (my phone overheated and locked up at the end). After the panel I met with Scifiction.com and completed the interview. Once it is posted we will share the link for it. Friday night we got dressed into costumes and took alot of photos.

Saturday I was able to facebook live stream a portion of the Star Trek DS9 Panel and I had a photo op with the majority of the cast from the show Dark Matter. I was also able to get the photo signed by the cast once it was ready. Saturday night held for more costumes and photo taking.

Sunday I was able to Facebook Live Stream the Dark Matter panel and then I had a hard choice to make the BSG Panel was listed at the same time as an author signing I had hoped to get my books signed and then come to the panel late but I had no such luck. Christopher Paolini was at Dragon Con for the first time. He is the author of the inheritance cycle series (the Eragon books). This was his only signing for the weekend and I waited for almost 2 hours to get the books signed. I was super excited to meet him and talk for just a couple of min about his work. I also found out that he will be publishing book 5 in the series very soon. Early in the evening I was lucky enough to have a photo op with 3 of the 4 BSG cast members. Richard Hatch, Kandyce McClure, and Alessandro Juliani were there and I was super excited to see them. Sunday night we got into costumes again and walked around taking more photos.

Monday I was able to attend the panel for, get a photo op, and autograph from Mr. William Shatner which was super exciting. We have wanted to meet him for sometime and he is as nice as can be. After that we came back home.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to DragonLady for allowing me to share my experience with everyone on the Facebook pages. I also want to thank Rob Hillman and the other admins who shared my photos and videos across the other pages since I was not able to do it all from my phone.

I had so much fun while at DragonCon 2016 and I look forward to being able to do this again in the future



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Wonderful!  You did a great job, SSWA!

Outstanding Job,Freya!

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