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Hello all, I am just putting together my first classic viper pilot uniform and I am looking for advice.
Here in the U.K. It is very difficult to find replica props, especially the helmet and blaster. Ordering from the U.S. is difficult as customs look badly on replica firearms, whatever the intended use. I am used to building my own items, but was wondering if 3D printed items are a good base to start with, and where I can find the downloads.
I have attached a photo of the newly finished Viper Fighter to be displayed at a uk convention I go to every year, so really want to get my costume ready for December.
Many thanks guys

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totally a good idear I have started making these in the uk as I was also not able to get one especially custom charges so I started to make my own helmet and blaster. their is a uk based company who does a resin blaster but the 3d one comes out nice as well

this is the blaster 3d printed as you can see it comes out nice

hope this helps the files are free on thingyverse and can be printed on any 200x200 printer very easy

don't know if you have joined the uk BSG fan and cosplay site on facebook yet here is the link   https://www.facebook.com/groups/bsguk/

Wow, just what I needed to know. Thanks for the advice. I will keep you all updated as I go along.
Thanks for the info on thingyverse, and also the uk Facebook link

most welcome

the Helmets and blaster look great i have the files from thingiverse also just do not have a 3d printer to print them on the only 3d printing i can do is at a local library and can only print with in a 2 hour window of time.

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