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Hi all,

I am trying to track down the 1977 Battlestar Galactica Mattel Command Ship, I know it is out there somewhere and I am trying to track it down it has not been seen since 2006. If anyone out there knows where it is, I would really appreciate the help. See the photo...

Cheers David

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The Toy that was was never released?

Yes it was never released, but a prototype was made back in 1977 and sold in 2006 on ebay.  I know it has to be out there somewhere...hopefully someone might know where it is or these photos might help job someone's memory so they know what they have.

Cdr. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson said:

The Toy that was was never released?

Its pretty cool piece still.  Take care.

VEry Rare PROTOTYPE Mattel Battlestar Galactica BSG Command Ship Prototype Never Manufactured By Mattel - Deemed Too Expensive To Make - Provenance From Former Mattel Employee - 22"L X 10"W X 4"H

this one is totally new, I was looking for the other one.  It popped up on my facebook group - amazing what people have hidden away. I was too late to bid on it.

I currently have it in my collection. 

It's from what I was told a first shot prototype  from 1978 with no mattel or any markings what so ever. 

Writen from the original mattel employee.

I was employed by Mattel from 1978 through 82. I held a variety of positions, starting my career in the reliability test lab as a part-time toy tester. It was located on the third floor of the old six story building at 5150 Rosecrans in Hawthorne, CA. We shared that floor (and the garbage can) with the R&D lab. Frequently I was required to break up toys that had been tested or that were engineering pilot Samples. One day, an engineer was throwing out a box of Proto type Battlestar Galactica motherships. These were first shot samples and did not even have the Mattel logos on them. They were molded in a brown color to evaluate the tool only. The battery door was actually molded in gray. I was given one of these to take home. I was later told that this product never made it to market because of its size and cost. There were electronic features planned that made various noises and flashing light features. There were launch bays and a laser beam on top.

Wow, so you won the auction for this Brown first shot?  I was on the hunt for the one at the top of the post - they put the electronics in that one - so cool.  So I guess they must have sculpted and cast the one I was looking for to use at toy conventions and while they were doing that they created the tool for production that resulted in the brown first shot you have.  Very interesting.

Yup!! Honestly that Show one above might be pretty difficult if not impossible to find. I could see it in a permanent collection.

you should be proud of owing that item, a real piece of toy history.  the irony is that come 1984 huge toys were all the rage (Fortress Maximus, USS Flagg etc.) and it would have been made.

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