Hello, fellow Galacticans (or whatever the politically correct term now is) Sorry I have been away for a while..health issues..but much frackin' better now! I must salute and applaud all  members of this forum,

for choosing to honor one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time,although unfortunately ,short lived.

Excellent passion for a great series displayed here.The theme of the show was a slick"fugitive" style drama..who could resist the last Battlestar to survive the Cylon holocaust the peace treaty betrayal by the infamous futuristic Benedict Arnold..Baltar. Starring..Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and a fellow stellar cast. And of course those electronic speaking ,floating one red-eyed ,chrome robotic Cylons .Lead of course by The Imperious Leader   never actually seen except in publicity photos(what a waste of good make-up!)aAnd that perfect voice of Patric Macnee, as well as Jonathan Harris' voice of the henchman Lucifer. So many other things to talk about but I need to save some for discussion and feedback. Oh.......one question..when the Imperious Leader was shown on his shadowy throne..what was he holding in his hand?? It looked liked a flower or a pet lizard. Anybody know?

Great and proud to be here

By your Command my friends,



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Ray, we think you too, hope your health is indeed better and have a grand time here on site. Beau

You know I would have to look more closely at the video...I could almost swear it was a pet of some sort!

There was some debate with the original as to whether the Cylons were actually fully cybernetic or a lizardlike species...I think Richard suggested in his books as well as "The Second Coming" that in fact there was organic tissue under that body armor...so maybe the pet was a baby?...always interesting things to think about...;-)


Well, most evil scientist types are usually holding a cat when they plan to take over the world, kill James Bond or whatever evil it is they are plotting. Alien cat ? LOL

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