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Commissioning / Decommissioning of Shipboard Squadrons:

            Viper and Raptor Squadrons are a vital aspect for a Warship defense as such they fall under Military Assets (MA).  I like to follow the tradition of establishing a squadron with some minor twist here and there to make it viable and a touch of realism.  Please allow me to brief on the establishing, commissioning and decommissioning of a squadron.  This will be the method established for all of them regardless if they are compromised in the BFC Fleet or they joined as a Squadron into the Battlestar Fan Club.  However I will do my best to extend every possible courtesy before decommissioning a Squadron.  Below I will cover every section and provide an example of the Squadron make up.  All squadrons established or already existing will need to read this.  I recommend in addition all Pilots read this as well.

- ESTABLISHING:  In order to establish a Squadron a minimum of 5 pilots must on a roster.  Once that is complete the lead Pilot who will either be chosen by the group members of said Squadron will be appointed the Squadron Leader (SQN LDR).  He will be charged with recruiting more pilots into the Squadron in order to have a total 12 pilots.  These 12 will compose the complete Fighter or Raptor Squadron.  The first 5 members are considered the founding members.  In this instance the most senior pilots. He will then assign two Asst Squadron Leaders to assist. Squadrons will also have to come up with a Squadron Logo which will be of good taste.  If you require assistance in this area feel free to contact me no problem in assisting.

- COMMISSIONING:  For the rest of the commissioning process all that is required is an email from the Squadron leader along with the Roster, Squadron Name and Squadron Logo.  Once I have that email I will issue said Squadron a Number.  This number will identify the Squadron and they will receive a letter of Commission from me.  This will be an OFFICIAL document and will establish the new Squadron in the BFC Fleet.  Once commissioned the Squadron will be assigned to a Battlestar.  I will honor the request of the newly established Squadron if they want to serve on a specific Battlestar.  However Squadrons established outside the BFC and coming as a group just need to contact me so I know where they wish to be assigned.

            Squadrons are Military Assets (MA) as such from time to time they will be subject to transferred from one Battlestar to another.  If and when needed only such will be determined by Fleet Commander, BFC.  Battlestar Commanding Officers will be informed prior to any Squadron re-assignment.  Remember all of this is in fun and be taken as such only. 

- DECOMMISSIONING:  As I stated earlier I will extend every courtesy to avoid decommissioning a Squadron.  However I need to establish a few rules that need to be followed listed below.  This will help me make a solid decision prior to decommissioning.

1)  If Squadron manning falls below 5 Pilots and does not climb back up to acceptable levels after 30 days.

2) If a loss of Communications with the Commanding and Executive Officers of the Battlestar they are assigned too. 

3) The CAG on each Battlestar will be responsible for watching said manning levels and maintaining a line of communications with the CO and XO via the ship CAG.  Any discrepancies with guidance 1 & 2 will be reported by the CO or XO to Fleet Commander, BFC for disposition.

            Finally in closing the Squadron make up again keeping it simple. The break down as follows:

- Squadron Leader

- Asst Squadron Leaders (x2)

- Remaining Pilots

            Any questions can be forwarded to me via email at CAG_VF84@yahoo.com, eng33ladder49@yahoo.com  please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.   Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.

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