"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."


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At 8:42pm on November 10, 2015, Lt. JG. David "Wedge" Sangrey said…

D-tap! Long time no see man! Hope to still see you this Saturday!

At 10:17am on October 26, 2015, major ernie (iceman) miller said…


 I'm Ernie Miller and as the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Adminstrator of Colonial Affairs,
 I welcome you on behalf of the leadership of the BFC.

 Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on the site"

So Say We All !!!!!!

At 6:45pm on October 25, 2015, Maj. Roger "Reamer" Barstow said…

Hi D-Tap,

Here's your Viper style name plate. I'm sorry I'm not able to make them the same as what Raptors have. It's a Jpeg image that can be printed and framed, saved here in your pictures or saved on your computer. The number above the name plate is incomplete. When you pass the Raptor exam Adm. Rivera will issue your Raptor Tail Number. At that time I'll edit this for you.

At 3:14pm on October 21, 2015, Maj Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock said…

David, please get in touch with me so I can get you a raptor aszignment. Thanks!

At 7:36pm on September 21, 2015, Ens. David "D-Tap" Pearson said…
Thank you for the warm welcome.
At 7:02am on September 21, 2015, Lt. JG. David "Wedge" Sangrey said…

Welcome aboard the Raven!

At 3:45pm on September 20, 2015, Maj. Roger "Reamer" Barstow said…

Welcome aboard the Battlestar Raven David, it's great to have you join our crew!!!

I see your favorite BSG characters are Felix Grata and Saul Ty. I’m a fan of everything concerning Battlestar Galactica. Being a Viper Pilot, my favorite character is Starbuck from both the Original and Re-imagined BSG.  From a man’s point of view, when it comes to Cylon skin jobs, I’m partial to the 6’s and the 8’s.

If you’re interested in becoming a Raptor pilot, the Battlestar Raven is the place to be. Currently there’s one Raptor and six Viper squadrons aboard the Battlestar Raven. You can check out all the departments aboard the Battlestar Raven using this link:  http://battlestarfanclub.com/groups/group/listByLocation?location=Battlestar+Raven

At the present time Spartan, Perseus, Hammer, Minotaur and Blue squadrons are shorthanded and are looking for more pilots.

Battlestar Raven has become a Battle Group with the addition of the Gunstar Trireme. Gunstar Trireme under the Command of Col Leonidas is looking for crew members as well. Take a look at this link if you’re interested in joining the group: http://battlestarfanclub.com/group/gunstar-trireme-gsr-0201

If flying a Viper isn’t your style, the Raven has many alternatives. You could join The Marines, Engineering, Security, Sick Bay and more. Take a look at the Ravens web site at this link: www.battlestarraven-bfc-002.com  Click on Ship Departments to see everything the Raven has to offer; you’ll be glad you did!!!!! The choice is entirely up to you. Presently the site is under construction, but you can see all the departments the Raven has to offer.

I am Major Reamer squadron leader of the Flying Tiger's and I’ve just been selected as the new CAG aboard the Raven. The Raven Airwing is always looking for a few more Viper pilots to join the group as.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime here at the BFC.


At 6:21pm on September 19, 2015, John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin said…

If you are interested, Clash Of Civilizations is a good cross over e-book for Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek. It does have adult content though, so not for the kiddies. Good reading! So say we all! :o)  http://www.clashofcivilizations.co/

At 6:19pm on September 19, 2015, John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin said…
At 6:17pm on September 19, 2015, John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin said…

Hello, David, and WELCOME to the Battlestar Fan Club!  It's a great club, and we all hope you really enjoy it.  It's the most fun if everybody participates, so please post and boast on the forums and discussions, (and meet new friends who share a common interest) as well as check out all of the groups you can participate in. (Just look up at the top bar and pick Groups.)  There are battlestars eager for you to sign up, as well as squadrons, you name it, even Pyramid and Cylon stuff!  Lots of the groups are into discussing certain topics, while others are into role playing, so just check it out and find what interests you the most.  Feel free also to start your OWN groups, topics, blogs, discussions, etc.  The more who participate the more fun it is for all. 

Okay, again WELCOME to the Battlestar Fan Club. SO SAY WE ALL!!!!


John David Feagin

At 9:42am on September 19, 2015, DragonLady4732 said…
I just wanted to welcome you to Battlestar Galactica Fan Club and aboard the it's Flagship Chapter, Battlestar Raven. If there is anything you need to get yourself started here, please do not hesitate to let someone know. There are a lot of good people here especially those who may share the same passion as you do. The Raven is a very tight knit family group of friends and will always be there for you. If for some reason you cannot get hold of anyone, by all means, do not hesitate to drop me a note here in my page personally and I will try my best to help you out.

Take care and be safe!

In Service,
~Raven Actual
BFC Vice President
Commanding Officer -Battlestar Raven



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