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At 9:49am on June 30, 2018, Tony said…

Greetings Captain Morelock

I am new here.

There is an event coming up in October I don't know anything about setting up a booth or whats involved but they usually have a good selection of celebrities at this event.

If your interested in trying to do this let me know.


Ens.Tony "Starsky" Pizighelli 

Viper pilot 


At 7:14pm on March 25, 2018, Thomas "Cowboy" Cazzolla said…

I don't know why exactly, but I really like the Raptor ships.  They may not be as sexy as a Viper, but they still kick a*s in my opinion.  They kinda remind me of the A-10 "Warthog" in RL.  Not as sleek as say, an F22, but with its main gatling gun firing away, accompanied by the distinctive scream of its twin engines - and the enemy on the ground practically cr*ps themselves (pardon my vulgarity).  So, I would like to be a member of The Seekers - "the best Raptor squad in the fleet" as my friend Tony "Aeneas" Carvell informed me.  Problem is, how do I apply?  I'm a newbie.  

At 6:02pm on September 13, 2017, Alex Mitchelson said…

many thx  glad to be aboard

I am also a member of Blackstar

At 5:26am on July 29, 2017, Alexander Falkberg said…

That you for your kind introduction and advice! I'll be sure to familiarize myself with the site and the links you offered before making my choice. 

At 12:18pm on July 3, 2017, Chopstick said…
Thank you for the welcome !
At 9:41am on June 29, 2017, PFC. Ben Bullet Howard RCM said…
Thanks for the welcome Captain. I've been in touch with Iceworm in signing up for the RCM. Actually, I need to get back with him real quick. Pretty stoked about being a part of the team.
At 6:08am on June 27, 2017, LT. Andy "viperworf" Pattenden said…

thanks for the congrats fellow crew mates

At 12:36am on May 15, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Congratulations Captain. A well deserved promotion.


At 9:07pm on May 13, 2017, JT Thomas said…

Thanks for the welcome!  Glad to see there is still a large group supporting the greatest show in TV ever..    

At 10:34am on May 11, 2017, Michelle Griffin/Ardanna Lance said…
Hey, CAG, I am ready for my Raptor qualifications exam
At 2:18am on May 9, 2017, LT. Andy "viperworf" Pattenden said…


At 3:31pm on May 8, 2017, LT. Andy "viperworf" Pattenden said…

have tried to send comms to the cdfcag but the email address is coming back wrong can you help as i am trying to send the exam answers back

may thanks

andy call sign viperworf

At 9:00am on April 3, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Thanks CAG, I have already replied to NAT about the quiz.


At 3:40pm on March 25, 2017, Ens. Jason "Tank" Dent said…
Thank you Sir, yes I am thrilled to be here, as to any questions I won't hesitate to ask. I appreciate you reaching out to me, no worries about a delay I understand everyone has obligations to their duties and family that must come first.

Jason "Tank Dent
At 8:07am on March 23, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Hi boss, may I write the Viper 7 specs into a blog post for all our pilots to read? Also some time ago I was asked by Iceworm to do a blog for new recruits regarding joining their chosen groups. With your permission. 


At 6:53am on March 7, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Thanks CAG, just what I wanted. Could this link be put on all the Viper squadron's group pages for all our pilots? 


At 1:03pm on March 4, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Hello CAG,

in the Viper mk ii and Raptor training manuals there are spec sheets for the respective craft. As the Raven Air Wing flies the Viper mk vii, is there a spec sheet available for our fighters? 


At 1:44am on March 1, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Thanks CAG

At 1:22pm on February 28, 2017, LT. Tony "Aeneas" Carvell said…

Hello Mik Mo, sir, can I have a nameplate please? My VTN is 15396UK.



At 8:30pm on February 17, 2017, Glen Ray Cartwright said…




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