"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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Quebec City Comiccon, a first event!

Last week-end It was the first Comiccon of Quebec City in Canada.  Chief of Machine Room PO2 Hugo Valencia and I have been representing Colonial Defense Forces and the BSG fandom.  

PO2 Valencia (hard to recognize him without greasy hands and face...), Col. Landry as COL.  GDSOAB…


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Montreal Comiccon begins tomorrow!

Fellow Colonials of the BFC,

Yes it is, tomorrow the celebration of the 10Th anniversary of Reimagined BSG starts in Montreal.  Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, James Callis and Tamoh Penickett will be there as special guests to the Comiccon. As you can see Michael Hogan and Tamoh Penikett…


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10Th Anniversary of Reimagined BSG at Montreal Comiccon 2013

Fellow Colonials from all around the world!  It is my privilege to announce, after the great event that have been Galacticon 3, that the Canadian fandom of BSG will have an opportunity to celebrate the 10Th anniversary of Reimagined BSG, as Montreal Comiccon already announced as guests 5 main actors of BSG.  Just…


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BSR-05 Excalibur, the Canadian Chapter of Colonial Defense Forces, set Condition 2.


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ATTENTION TO ORDERS! BSR-05 Excalibur support Ens. Robert Lepine at Galacticon 3!


-Crew of the Excalibur prepare for an FTL jump.

-Ens. Carmela Mendoza, execute jump calculation to Galacticon 3 area, and then proceed to…


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Waterkeeper Alliance

Hello all!  I want to state that, as the BSR-05 Excalibur Actual, from 11Th Fleet, and as Canadian, a country of beautiful lakes and rivers,  I fully support as EJO asked us the Waterkeeper Alliance.  I consider I am indeed a Waterkeeper.  And I invite you to support EJO in his endeavour.



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The 13Th Colony Vancouver Fan Club wants Richard Hatch to Fan Expo 2013!

The 13Th Colony wants Richard Hatch at their con!  A group of Classic Colonial Warriors would be at Vancouver Fan Expo reporting for duty to the original Apollo!   And I heard also a nice group of Reimagined BSG fans will be jogging around the con wearing double-tank tops and trek pants.  "Make a hole!"

Valorie Hoye fan club president's quote :

"We did a poll over at 13th Colony's Facebook page and (Vancouver's BSG Fan Club) and the clear…


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BSR-05 Excalibur, the Canadian CDF 11Th Fleet chapter relaunched!

Good news! BSR-05 Excalibur has been officially recommissioned within the CDF Colonial Fleet!

From: ADM Rivera, Fleet Operations, CDF

To: Commanding Officer, Battlestar Excalibur BSR-05



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13Th Colony Vancouver BSG and Caprica Fan Club event

13Th Colony Vancouver BSG and Caprica Fan Club event, coverage from the official web FB page of Blood and Chrome!

Facebook photo from Official Blood and Chrome…


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Happy birthday Eric Chu! Have a great day, dear Cylon God!

Hey friends!

As the 11Th Fleet Liaison, the CDF Canadian Chapter rebuilder, It is my honor to wish a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Eric Chu, the Cylon God. Today It's the birthday of  the man who designed the new Cylon Centurion and the new Basestar of BSG Reimagined.

Have a good day Eric!

So say we all.

-Major Fred Landry

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Happy Halloween!

Enjoy my Saul Tigh album!

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Colonial Defense Forces 11Th Fleet recruiting members to reactivate the Canadian Chapter

To all Canadian members of BFC and from other countries where there is no Colonial Defense Forces Chapter:

As the 11Th Fleet Liaison I am looking for recruits to join us to rebuild the Canadian Chapter that have fallen for little more than a year.  In the past years 11Th Fleet of CDF, representing a group of Canadian fans of BSG, was an active Colonial Defense Forces Chapter.  Battlestars Chimaera and…


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The 13th Colony is throwing a party


Vancouver Battlestar Galactica and Caprica Fan Club is holding a room party at VCon, another initiative of one of the most active local Fan club of the whole BSG fandom!

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My record in the Colonial Defense Forces

This my record as Colonial Defense Forces member:

Major Landry, callsign Harfang

Officer of the deck

Viper and Raptor pilot 11041CA - Battlestar Responder - BSR-51

5th Fleet (11th Fleet Liaison)

  • 09-08, 2012: promoted again directly to Major
  • 08-29, 2012:  promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 05-16, 2012:  assigned as Officer of the Deck aboard the Responder
  • 03-29, 2012…

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A nice experience with a BSG product saler :)

At the middle of  May I bought a BSG t-shirt on Ebay, a nice viper patch t-shirt.  As I didn't receive  any news from them 3 weeks later, neither confirmation of shippings, I wrote to the saler.  They just have been very cool with me, they explained me kindly that  shipping was delayed because the shirt come from another shop  and  only one shop take care of International shipping.  So he just proposed to refund me and send it free.  It was more than fair so I  offered to buy another one. …


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