"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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As you send your scores to Admiral Rivera, please be sure to include the state (or country) in which you reside and the type of craft you wish to fly, Viper or Raptor. This information is used to determine your tail number. Thank you!

Lt. Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock

Commander Air Group

Raven Air Wing

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Roger Sir - good copy!  v/r  GIZMO

NAT - I will get to work on your "interim" artwork. We can re-work it when the ADM awards the final tail number. Cheers! GIZMO


Any chance you would do one up an interim one for me as well?  

HELLPOP -no problem! GIZMO

NAT, interim artwork attached, please forgive the resolution, will rework when finalized by the ADM.  r/k GIZMO

Ens Natalie " NAT" Hallam said:

I am a viper pilot from the UK. I'd like to be assigned the viper 007 please!! ;) I've been waiting 46 days for my test results from Admiral Riveria. I hope he is ok?

Roger roger - easy fix!

HELLPOP, attached is interim artwork, will revise as needed and when final VTN is posted.  v/r  GIZMO

Ens. Craig "Hellpop" Foshaug said:


Any chance you would do one up an interim one for me as well?  

Great job Gizmo. Any chance we can customize the colour scheme a bit?

Sorry you're having trouble with the training manual, Christopher. I took a look at the link and it seemed to work just fine. What error message are you getting? It is in PDF format, so that may be an issue. If you keep having trouble, message back and we'll work on it.





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