"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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Squadron Active Roster and Readiness update

Active Roster: Cpt. Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock Lt. Leslie "Freya" Willis Ens. Brian "Jumpstart" Stephenson Lt Jg David "Wedge" Sangrey Rapt…

Started by Maj Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock

1 Jul 25, 2019
Reply by Major Leslie "Freya" Willis

Transcript of Training CAP 2 (US), October 7, 2018

6:58 PM MeRaptor 225 to LSO....advise nuggets awaiting training CAP we are approximately 15 minutes out. Standby for refueling. 225 out.…

Started by Maj Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock

0 Oct 7, 2018

Link to Rapter test

Every time I try this link http://www.battlestarraven-bfc-002.com/apps/documents/ all I get is 404 Page not found? Where am I going wrong?

Started by Eightball

3 Aug 16, 2018
Reply by Maj. Roger "Reamer" Barstow

Seekers Facebook Page

Attention Seekers! I posted this in the main group chat but I wanted to put this here also. As you all know we are the best squadron in th…

Started by Major Leslie "Freya" Willis

0 Apr 3, 2018


As you send your scores to Admiral Rivera, please be sure to include the state (or country) in which you reside and the type of craft you w…

Started by Maj Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock

14 Jun 27, 2017
Reply by Ens. Christopher Tucker (Rhaven)

Farewell Richard Hatch

Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer: take the spirit of the Colonial Father into your arms that he may share everlasting life that awaits us all…

Started by Maj Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock

4 Feb 23, 2017
Reply by Ens.Thomas "Ronin" Sigmundsson

Operation Fleet yard

Our next Op has been given a green light to go. It will be held Sunday 2/26 at 8:00pm Eastern time. We will also hold a small memorial/trib…

Started by Major Leslie "Freya" Willis

1 Feb 11, 2017
Reply by Major Leslie "Freya" Willis

Nugget Rank

There has been some confusion as to when new nuggets can assume the rank of Ensign. According to Command, immediately. So once you send you…

Started by Maj Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock

0 Feb 7, 2017

Seekers CAP 08/13/16

The Seekers were requested to perform the CAP tonight due to maintenance being performed on the Vipers. This was the first time this summe…

Started by Major Leslie "Freya" Willis

0 Aug 13, 2016

Call Signs from "A" to "Z"

Hi Everyone, I while back I was thinking to create a few fictitious pilots and I needed call signs for them. Since none of us can die in th…

Started by Maj. Roger "Reamer" Barstow

0 May 29, 2016





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