"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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After the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the fate of humanity rests with the Exodus Fleets of the survivors. They fight for the continued survival of humanity, to preserve civilization and to someday overcome the looming threat of the Cylon.

Within these fleets of civilian and military vessels, each and every ship has its own unique story. An unlikely veil of survival through the nuclear hellfire of the Fall.

The stories of their fate will be told in this series of one-off chapters and artworks, exploring many different ships and offering decisions on how to integrate them to the fleet and how to bring their stories to an end.

All members of the fan club are welcome to participate in the polls posted with each newly added ship and to suggest future vessels which we might find roaming the Cyrannus System.


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File #001 Eurynome, Flight 213
The Forlorn Passenger Cruiser

A lone ship drifting aimlessly is met by a harsh beam of light. It reveals white letters spelling out Eurynome Interplanetary – a passenger cruiser marked in red and blue. Its windows are dark.

Above it looms the silhouette of the seeking survey cruiser, dispatched from the Raven's Fleet to seek out survivors anywhere. But this meeting was not planned. Halfway between Canceron and the Aeolus Belt, in an otherwise completely empty sector, the two vessels have met by chance.

The drifting ship Eurynome has no fleet, no beacon, it transmits no distress call or any kind of signal. There's nothing but faint residual heat along the keel of the vessel, where the heated modules are. On its starboard side, an airlock has been torn open where the passenger cruiser pulled away from its terminal to jump. Besides that, the damage seems almost superficial. Scorch-marks and chipped paint, signs of an older vessel, not one which escaped Armageddon.

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A gruesome display awaits the first valiant rescuers to go aboard. Inside the forlorn passenger cruiser, they step into a metal tomb. The images they transmit to the CIC look as though the gates to Tartaros itself were thrown open and spilled out those torn and burned bodies, lying still in their seats, along with the aisles and corridors of the passenger room. They all face away from their windows, some cover their faces, others are slumped to the floor.
More horrid still are only the signs of life among them, the choir of voices rising, scurrying now toward the light, where they seem to see the coming of salvation.

Amid the moaning and grasping bodies, the sergeant manages to retrieve the flight recorder. From its data, the fate of the Eurynome can be roughly reconstructed:

The Eurynome was among the last to flee from the dying world of Aerilon when the great battle of vengeance raged and the bombs of the Cylon fell in retaliation. As fire fell from the sky and blinded them, the crew managed a miraculous escape, jumping just as the pressure wave hit them. But not before micro fractures compromised the radiation shields of the entire vessel.
The pilots were killed outright by the raging radiation storm and heat enveloping the ship. Of over two thousand and five hundred souls aboard, half succumbed to the effects of radiation within hours. All remaining showed symptoms of the rapidly developing sickness. By the time the vessel reached deep space, no-one left was in any condition to seek out help anymore.

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Almost a thousand souls are left barely alive aboard the ship, but their lives hang from a tearing thread. For most, there is no hope for recovery at this late stage. Anti-Radiation medicine may prolong their lives, but it is irreplaceable to the fleet.
The rescuing crew stands to decide: What is to be done about those destined to die?

1. Life above all

A human life cannot be weighed. The survivors will be brought back to the fleet, where any and all efforts will be made to prolong their lives as long as possible at all, for as long as it is the patient's wish.
This will prolong the lives of the Eurynome's survivors for a few weeks, but strain the medication reserves of the fleet severely.

2. A dignified end

Facing extinction, humanity cannot enjoy the luxury of prolonging lives already lost. Every effort to ease the pain of the victims will be made and they will unite with the fleet, where they'll be looked after by all – but the Fleet cannot afford to spend vital medication assets on those who will die regardless soon.
This will preserve the medication reserves of the Fleet but strain the morale considerably.

File #001 Eurynome, Flight 213

The Forlorn Passenger Cruiser

(full sized image)

Seventeen days go by before the last of the forlorn survivors meets their end.
Seventeen days spent to allow them a dignified farewell, to ease their pain and give them peace. Days of desperate final hours, of wistful, unlikely reunions followed by a bitter loss. Some were brought aboard the Raven, to receive the best care the fleet can give. Others went to the last botanical domes, to smell the earth and blooming life for one last time. A few never awake, caught in fever dreams for the last long night. 

Seventeen days in vain, none could be saved. One by one, each of the nine hundred and twenty-eight souls have perished, the last victims of the Fall of Aerilon. Every death was reported directly to the officers in command, each body laid out upon the deck of the Raven. 
On the eighteenth day, all priests came together and prayed – no longer for the many lives but for the salvation of their souls, so they may rest by the side of the Lords of Kobol and find peace beyond a world where there is none.

Some were overwhelmed. For some, neither words no silence could quell the desperation. Too much had been lost to them, their worlds, everyone they knew and all remaining hope at last. Some have lost their faith in the fleet, in the future, in the survival of humanity. Their voices remain not unheard. 
In an attempt to cope with the loss of life and mark a new beginning, the forlorn passenger liner is painted white, a monument to all those lost to the Cylon Invasion. It will serve as a shrine to the dead, as a silent place for remembrance. Nobody could bear to have it any other way. 

Thus, the fate of this forlorn ship is sealed. A white grave among the Raven`s Fleet.

                                                           BATTLESTAR    THEMISTOCLES

The Themistocles was one of the 'Light' Battlestars built in large numbers after the first cylon war; It was intended to be A patrol type ship,cruising the borders of colonial space,responding to 'Hot Spots' as they flared up,Deterring smugglers and pirates,and performing special operations and covert surveillance missions; As other ship types began to take over those specific duties,these ships began to be integrated into the standard fleet battlegroups; They have been given upgraded refits over the past 35 years to keep them in front-line fleet service,including upgraded CNP software,which, for many of these ships, would be their downfall.

As the cylons commenced the first wave of their assault,they used A 'Back Door' in the CNP software to literally shut down those ships that had fully downloaded and activated their new CNP,making them dead in space,and sitting targets,which the cylons destroyed with great ease.

The ships that were spared,and able to fight back,or escape, were the ones that did not network their computers with the CNP;Many did not even download the program; Themistocles was one of them.

Themistocles was the first posting of A young viper pilot known as Leonidas;Graduating in the top 5 in his class from the fleet academy on picon,He made his mark almost immediately after earning his wings; His leadership inspired his fellow pilots to excel;And his combat skill netted his first 17 confirmed kills; When the Battlestar Raven needed A new CAG to help build it's air wing,He was the first choice;He left behind A motivated cadre of viper pilots on the Themistocles.

Now....with the Colonies turned into radioactive wastelands,and over 3/4 of the fleet gone,the Themistocles unites with the Raven,along with other survivors of the fleet,to defend what remains of humanity...

The Princess Valinor is an old luxury liner privately owned by Anselm Cassius, the founder of Erinyes Industries which served as a prime supplier of small arms during the First Cylon War. The war and his business made Cassius one of the richest men of the Twelve Colonies but left his mind forever scarred with the underlying fear that the Cylon would one day return and wreak vengeance upon him and his family for the destruction their weapons had brought upon the machines.

Following the war, he grew increasingly reclusive, living upon his private ship far from the trading routes of the Helios Delta System. There it was found by a scouting raptor squadron and led to Raven's fleet at first. But the Princess Valinor didn't stay for long.

Seeing the worlds burning took a serious toll on the sanity of Cassius and fed his paranoia. When he heard rumors of an investigation into Cylon agents among the humans of the fleet, the old man took his own crew hostage and jumped his ship far from the survivors fleet.

The lone ship was soon found but answered to any attempt at communication only with threats. The Princess Valinor, so old Cassius said, is armed with a hidden weapons system and will protect itself against any threat. None are allowed to approach the vessel, let alone lead it to the fleet.

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Not only for the old man's sake it must be decided how to defuse the situation. Whether or not the threat of arms is a bluff is hard to say, but a rogue ship cannot be allowed to roam space alone. It would kill him and his crew before long. The Princess Valinor cannot survive alone. Within a few weeks time, it's fuel reserves will leave it drifting – if it does remain undetected for so long.

1. Send a strike team
The fleet cannot afford to lose this ship or its crew. A strike team of the colonial marines will be delivered to the Princess Valinor via raptor. If any weapons system does exist, a Viper escort will deal with it accordingly. Once aboard, the team will press to take control of the ship and return it to the fleet. Cassius will be taken into custody.

2. Indulge his paranoia
Any attempt to take the ship by force risks disastrous results. If the man cannot be reasoned with, perhaps it is best to indulge him. A small escort of raptors will be dispatched for his "protection" – in truth, to monitor him. In a few weeks time, the vessel must either return to the fleet or it will be left adrift and then overtaken. This way, we expend some resources, but we buy Cassius time to come to his senses.

3. Attempt to reason
Early attempts at reasoning with Cassius have been unsuccessful, but perhaps the man can still be persuaded. A veteran officer of the fleet, who once knew Cassius as a friend during the war, survived the Fall and is aboard one of our vessels. He could be brought in to try and talk sense into his friend.
This is a risky option. It may also backfire and be interpreted by the paranoid man to be a Cylon ploy, causing a violent reaction.

4. Abandon the cause
Cruel as it is, the Princess Valinor has no vital role within the fleet yet. The Raven cannot afford to spend time and resources on the illusions of one man. The crew of the Princess Valinor will have to fend for themselves and find a way to overtake him. Either the ship returns on its own or it is lost forever.
Every available ship is needed now;Obviously, Cassius must be neutralized to prevent any brisk to other lives.





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