"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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The Twelve Colonies of Kobol have fallen.

What is left of the human race is scattered on surviving ships, hiding on the fringes of the Cyrannus System. On their own, the civilian refugee fleets stand no chance to outrun or hide from the Cylon threat. Their only hope lies in the remnants of the Colonial Fleet. For the humankind to live on, the last Battlestars must engage the enemy, harass and weaken the Cylon so they may not hunt down what little remains of the erstwhile colonial civilization.

Faced with the return of humanity's children, the Twelve Tribes have chosen Theomachia – to remain close to the Cyrannus System and built a future for humanity out of the ashes of a fallen era.

Battlestar Raven and her fleets will seek victory beyond vengeance for the Fall. The mission of the Battle Group BFC 002 is to preserve those who fled, rescue those who remain on the fallen worlds and ultimately, to find a future to live in a universe freed of the threat of another Cylon Invasion.

Hope lives on within the hearts of those who fight on. Hope, to regain what was lost and preserve the memory of all those who may not live to see this future.

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Operation Hermóðr

If any future for humanity is to come to pass, those who remain must stand together. Flung far from the orbits of their fallen homes, the many fleets of survivors, of last battalions and battle groups are isolated, alone. Out far from the inner planets, where our suns appear as no more than faint dots of light, it is easy to become a victim of despair.
As reports indicate, that the communication relays of the colonies have not been compromised, the temptation to call for other living souls is all too great. But most assuredly, it is a trap. Distress calls are nothing but the easiest way for the Cylon to pick off what is left of us.


This much is common knowledge in the Raven's CIC. The comms console is deserted, even the aether among the ships is nothing but white noise. Signals are exchanged via directed light signals, ancient interval code has replaced the high tech communications. Humanity's last survivors need a plan. And to coordinate, they will need a voice. This will be the goal of Operation Hermóðr.
Twenty-Three hours after the battle of Aerilon, things are set in motion for the first campaign of the Second Cylon War.

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Hermóðr Phase I

"This is Operation Hermóðr. Its goal is to establish a secure communications network between the remaining colonial assets in the Cyrannus System. This will be vital to restoring our ability to effectively plan and execute operations for the survival of humanity and against the Cylon threat.

The Operation will be spearheaded by the Ravens Seekers Squadron and augmented by any couriers, raptors and other craft we can muster. Our first order of business is to set priorities for Phase 1 of the Operation."

VOTE HERE: https://www.strawpoll.me/16817139
Priorities will be decided by the number of votes. The more votes, the higher the priority and chance of success.

  • spaceborne assets
    Seeking out spaceborne assets will allow us access to further military and civilian craft. If they can coordinate their movements and share knowledge of Cylon positions, they can more easily evade destruction.
  • planetside assets
    There are still civilian and military hold-outs on the fallen colonies. Not only are they in dire need of help, but they also harbor great knowledge of Cylon deployments and potential supplies. Their contribution would greatly benefit future efforts to weaken the Cylon occupation.
  • corrupted comm-relays
    As long as the comms-network exist, desperate survivors will try to use it and fall victim to the Cylon trap. We must destroy the communications relays of the Twelve Colonies so that the Cylon may no longer use them to lure vessels to their doom.

Destroying the compromised Comm system should take second priority





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