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Battlestar Pacifica Fan Fiction Group


Battlestar Pacifica Fan Fiction Group

Creative Writing RPG for Classic Battlestar Galactica,

Location: Before the Destruction
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Battlestar Pacifica Role Playing Game

Welcome to the Battlestar Pacifica Creative Writing RPG
the purpose of The Game is to collectively write a fan based story revolving around the Fictional Battlestar Pacifica

Pacifica was Christened in the Picon Ship yards after the War had started with the Cylons. It was the last of the Great Battlestars to be built.
It is currently commanded by Commander Powell from the Colony of Tauron

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Comment by Renda Carr on November 25, 2011 at 9:16pm

Thanks for the invite!

Comment by Bruce Mutter on June 5, 2011 at 6:46am
Character name: Asten

Age: 36 Height: 6’2” Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel

Home Planet: Aries

Character Rank: Lieutenant

Occupation: Military Pilot/warrior

Postings: Sagitara, Scorpion, Battlestar Atlantia, Battlestar Pegasus and Battlestar Pacifica


 After finishing Field Warrior training on Sagitara, Asten was posted to a Military land base on Scorpion. On Scorpion Asten transferred from Infantry Artillery to Air force, specializing in Shuttle and Transport ships. Advancing from pilot training his next posting was onboard the Battlestar Atlantia, transferring fuel and supplies from planetary bases.


 After his three yahren stint onboard the Atlantia, Asten transferred to the next available Battlestar to broaden his experience. Broadened it was, as the Commander of that particular Battlestar expected all his pilots to have minimum fighter flight experience.


 His posting on the Pegasus wasn’t a pleasant one. Asten had several run-ins with Command over the unbearably strict way the ship was run. Grateful that three-yahren stint was over, he transferred to the Pacifica.


Onboard the Pacifica he returned to his duties of Shuttle pilot. Though he was graded to fly fighter craft, Asten considered the “I’m better than you because I fly a Viper” aire of the Viper Pilots, typical of the mindless arrogance associated with the craft. It wasn’t why he joined the services, he preferred the Shuttles. When forced into the cockpit of a viper, he could look out for himself. Due to the lack of battle experience, his position in the formation is usually to the rear, or wingman to a more experienced pilot.
Comment by Ed "Reaper" O'Connell on May 26, 2011 at 8:41pm
LT Edan

Age: 30 yahrens

Description: 6' 2", Bald with a dark Goatee and Mustache.

Location: Battlestar Pacifica

Position: Warrior - Viper Pilot

Home Planet: Caprica (born in Space aboard Battlestar Rycon)

Background: Graduated Colonial Military Academy near the top of his class. Idolized Commander Cain, as did many of his fellow Warriors. Studied his tactics and Respected the Commander for still flying a Viper from time to time.

Has an ambition to command a Squadron, then Become Strike Leader. Eventually he would love to command a Battlestar and inspire a new generation of Warriors like Cain has.

Has made a hobby of Getting to know explosives and hand weapons. Doesn't get to put it to much practical use though.

Personal - Ed O'Connell
I've been involved in online RPs since about 1999 or so. I've been a member of various Star Wars and Battlestar Groups, startign with Battlestar Excaliber in the mid 90's (This was mostly fan fiction, not RPing)

I have done Star Trek, BSG (TOS), Star Wars, a James Bond like Group., and a Marvel Super Hero based group
Comment by sandra mutter on May 23, 2011 at 7:15pm

Name: Thea

Age: 25 yahrens    

Description: 5’5 with long straight, black hair

Location: Battlestar Pacifica

Position: Communications Officer

Home Planet: Aquaria    


Background: Thea graduated from officer training on Caprica before taking a position aboard the Battlestar Atlantia where she served for 3 yahrens. Finding herself in a position that wasn’t satisfying, Thea decided to take a break and studied for another 2 yahrens in languages and dialects in the hopes that it would help with furthering her career. It paid off in the lucrative assignment aboard the Pacifica as its communications officer.





Personal: Sandra Mutter (Sandy)

        I have simmed off and on for about 10 years now beginning with Battlestar Pacifica in it’s original incarnation. Followed by several small simms based on the Dragons of Pern, Star Trek, etc. Culminating with Realmwars: The Seraph Chronicles. 

Comment by sandra mutter on May 15, 2011 at 9:34pm

when submitting your bios, do so along with any info on where if anywhere you may have simmed/rpged before so we can get a fill on the abilities of the players. the commander is not up for grabs as of this time. if you want a position of extreme importance then you will have to show that you are capable of doing it. any questions may be directed to dan or me for now. posting requirements will be at least once a week for now as i am on a limited internet schedule (working 2 jobs) and need that to get caught up. if time permits then more posting may be allowed such as a scene between just a couple of characters.



Comment by sandra mutter on May 15, 2011 at 9:29pm

now for the bios: below is a sample bio (not a real one and not eligible for play). this is to give everyone a heads up on what is expected. you may add a description of your character too.


Name: Luna     

Planet: Aquaria

Battlestar: Pacifica

Position: Shuttle Pilot


Time: Shortly before the Battle of Molocay


Background: The only child of Sola and Tora, Luna studied hard in the hopes of becoming a viper pilot like her father but failed her final exam due to having spent the previous night partying. In an attempt to make up for it, she signed on to the Pacifica crew as a shuttle pilot hoping that someday Luna could earn another chance.

Comment by sandra mutter on May 15, 2011 at 9:27pm

okay everyone. time to begin a bit on the simm. here's a synopsis of things so far.


BSG Simm


Time: Shortly before the battle of Molocay


Place: Aboard the Battlestar Pacifica


Storyline: in development.


this will give everyone a starting point.

Comment by sandra mutter on May 10, 2011 at 6:05pm

i'll see what i can do. give me to the weekend and i'll actually call her as i've her home number.



Comment by sandra mutter on May 10, 2011 at 5:27pm


i've a sample bio in the works and a time setting that i can send you to look over and add other areas to that need filling in. i fully agree that we need people to qualify for positions like commander as it is a very important position and we don't want anyone who hasn't simmed before in it. the bio and other will be on it's way shortly.



Comment by Ed "Reaper" O'Connell on April 30, 2011 at 10:45pm
definately interested Sandra as I'm also only a fan of the original Concider me standing by :)

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