"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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Galactica 1980 stirred mixed feelings amongst galactica fans. Whats your take on the show ?

For me, as a kid i was just happy to see Galactica in some form, but knew it was not in line with the Galactica i loved.
As I got older and rewatched the series I came to understand what a load of crap it really was and just pretended, as did most books, that it never happened.

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Someone did a re-imaged Galactica 1980? hahahahahahahahaha...HAH hahahahahahahah...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe I need to see that one so I can get the images of Kent McCord flying a viper out of my head.

Kent McCord playing Boxey(troy) was weird Barry Van Dyke as Dillon was OK(LOL), I couldn't stand Doc. Z someone who was suppose to be Starbucks Highbred love child from some waird woman who showed up on the planet after he crashed was in one word DUMB.

I did find the motorcycles interesting though.


Never heard about a reimagined Galactica 1980 hmmmm

From a UK perspective, we got to see things in a slightly different order to how they were released in the USA. I first recall coming across BSG '78 on a late Sunday afternoon on ITV (I think) in the early 1980's, but I couldn't tell you what episode/movie version that was, but it was certainly on at a regular slot thereafter and I think it had a run on ITV Saturday lunchtimes by the mid-1980s.


What I didn't encounter until the early 1990s was BSG '80 (that's not to say it wasn't screened earlier than this), when it was tacked onto a midweek early evening slot on BBC2 that had been occupied by yet another repeat of BSG '78.


I remember being initially enthralled with the prospect of another series, but like many found that BSG '80 didn't live up to the standards of the earlier series. It's only in more recent years with access to information online that I have a greater understanding as to the limitations that they were working under.


Apart from the way in which the series petered out, the other thing that puzzled me was the insertion of what I thought at the time was a 'repeat' from BSG '78 - The Return of Starbuck - inserted as a filler to pad out BSG '80. The reason I thought this was apart from the fact it 'looked' like a BSG '78 epidsode with Adama & Dr Z bolted on, was that I had seen the material previously. This was where I now read that TROS had been later combined with Experiment on Terra to form a movie, which probably had been shown in the UK before any attempt to screen BSG '80. So I'm watching TROS thinking "Why isn't Starbuck rescued?!" and then stunned to find BSG '80 replaced in the following week's schedule. For me, to quote Adama, the answers truly were "out there amongst the stars"!


I saw a clip of TROS on youtube a few weeks ago, which sent me on a crusade to track the episode down, which was eventually successful. As I have seen mentioned by many, this episode is the one shining light of BSG '80 and it's weird that it for me it has become all the more poignant, because they weren't able to complete this sub-plot in the planned Wheel of Fire episode. I have read that there are those who believe this episode the best of the original BSG series. It is interesting that on IMDB.com, TROS is the one original episode that outscores many of the episodes from the re-imagined series.


So, in spite of its shortcomings, I'm going to say love it!

I haven't watched it since being an adult...and I finally go it for Christmas this last year. But, as a child when it was on, what I remember most was really wanting one of the flying motorcycles that they had! Other than that, I don't remember much except that I was upset there was no Apollo and Starbuck.I'll probably have more to say after I watch it again...lol.

As a kid, I didn't really understand things like television seasons or cancellations; I just knew when BSG was on. And I remember not really understanding why they kept showing old episodes I already saw, but didn't really care, because hey, it was still BSG. And I remember my first exposure to G80 was a commercial during a BSG rerun that showed the scene where the Cylon fighter is strafing some American town (a la Caprica) and just about having a joygasm.


Well sir, I parked my butt dutifully in front of the TV for the first episode, having waited a WHOLE WEEK (lol) for the object of my desire to return. And the opening credits came on...and I can only imagine the look on my face must have been the same look I got when I received a Christmas present, tore open the wrapping paper, and discovered a pair of socks or necktie (who gives a necktie to an 8 year-old?), that sort of disappointment+WTF? shock you exhibit before you learn tact. 


I stared at the screen, wondering if someone was running the wrong thing. This *had* to be some kind of mistake! I mean, there was the Galactica, and yeah, those were Cylons fighters, and that was Adama with a WTF-beard. And why is Lt. Boomer wearing blue? And Troy and Dillon? Who the frak are these guys? One of them was Boxey? Why isn't he calling himself Boxey then? And Dr. Z? Why the felgercarb are they listening to this kid? I'm a kid and even *I* think he's an a**hole! And why don't the Cylons sound like Cylons? Did someone break the oscillating fan?


I don't honestly remember if I cried, but it wouldn't surprise me if I had. I do remember cautiously coming back the following week to see if it was just a bad mistake and they'd show the *real* BSG, but alas, no luck. But hope springs eternal, right? So I kept coming back each week to see if they realized how badly they were messing everything up; after all, Richard and Dirk must just be waiting in a back room somewhere, right? But what are the enduring memories I have as a child from this trainwreck? Let me see...T&D wearing white tuxs and dancing with people in cartoon character costumes...wanting to punch Dr. Z in the face every time he showed up on my TV...a Cylon sitting in a car with a clown and a vamp...begging Starbuck to just take the escape pod and go, because clearly the lady is whacked out of her head (even as a precocious child I knew you couldn't make babies without doing *something* first). No wonder I had nightmares!


So, yeah, I guess I hated it. ;P

Like many of you, I too was happy that Galactica was back on the air. But was dissipointed in what I saw. I still watched the whole first run of the series, and wasn't dissipointed when it didn't return. A number of years back, the SIFI channel ran Galactica 1980. Age hadden't improved it any, it was just as bad now as it was then. The return of Starbuck was the only decent episode. Long story short. I didn't like it.  
Personally I hated it!
I was just a kid (maybe 9?) and even then I could see that that had nothing to do with the BSG I loved... it was just crap!
There I was waiting for a new episode of BSG and all of a sudden G80 shows up, no Apollo or Starbuck in the credits... I watched it, and endured it to the end in the hopes that my heroes would eventually return... guess it somewhat payed off to do so, as I got TROS and Starbuck back! And if one cuts the first and last 5 minutes of the episode, then we get a great episode... though I think I got some nightmares after that, wondering if Starbuck would sit on the rock forever waiting to be rescued... :o
I did however enjoyed Dillon, at least in my eyes, he wasn't trying to be Starbuck. Somehow his "innocence" captivated me. So much that I even included him in my BSG play universe and later on, in my fanfic. Troy I couldn't stand though, nor Dr.Z... and even Adama had become a senile puppet to this annoying kid!
Space Scouts has got to be the worse of the episodes!

I read somewhere that Lorne Greene loved his Adama role so much, he insisted on reprising his role in Galactica 1980 series and worked unpaid.

Galactica: 1980 was... a flop. Some of the stories would have been a bit more "interesting" if not for the so-called family friendly format. Appart from Cdr. Adama, the only original character there was Boomer under the rank of Colonel (and he was rarely seen through the series, but used to reprise his role as Starbuck's buddy on RETURN of STARBUCK). Which meant that the others: Apollo, Sheba, Cassiopeia, Athena, Jolly, Greenbean, Tigh, and so on, died in combat or of natural causes. Leaving a younger generation alive to carry the torch.

Some things in the story didn't add up either. Dr. Z (or Zee, or however you pronounce his name...), for instance. Where did he fit in on the story. The Colonial's super-human strength makes one wonder if they were really "brothers of man" or more akin to Kal-el aka SUPERMAN. If they were gonna kill Starbuck off, why leave him to starve on some deserted rock? Oh well...

For a 15-yr. old like me at that time, Galactica: 1980 was too goofy to really digest. Worse of all, they used footage from other UNIVERSAL pic. productions and "pasted" them on to the show. A practice that was pretty commonly used on some of their 1970's shows (ie, The Six Million Dollar Man & The Incredible Hulk to name a few. They actually used footage from AIRPORT: 1975 for one of the HULK's episodes. Sheesh!!). I could go on and on regarding some of UNIVERSAL's cheap tricks; but, I think you most get my drift.

I can't help but shake my head and ask myself, "What were they thinking?"

I got more fun watching AIRPORT on the ABC SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE which came right after BSG: 1980 the summer of that year.

I liked it right up until Super Scouts.

The Super Scouts... yeah, right! They shouldn't even had released the silly series in the first place. I'm glad I didn't waste my money buying it on DVD. Sheesh!!!

Well let me put it this way.  I own it...I have seen only two episodes and one of them had Wolfman Jack in it.  When I had heard that there was a new Battlestar being made I had hoped that it would be like the original .  We all know that is not what happened.  I did attempt to watch the new version but found myself not liking it as well at all.  So I am very happy owning my slice of childhood, and I am looking forward to a new Battlestar film based on the original characters and not yet another "reboot" of a classic series.





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