"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."



Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome?

As a Fan, (One of the Many) I can't hate getting to finally see Blood & Chrome. At 1st I THOUGHT WEB-SODES??? Was anyone else sad as I to see it discarded as though it didn't deserve a home. I did love it so no matter how unfinished. But really is it to end this way? Will their be more? & if so am I supposed to wait on another distant chapter far from now... And am I really supposed to learn to love my beloved heroes of Battlestar Galactica being played once again by new actors? Just so it will be ripped from me once again?

As a fan I am proud to have been united together in the demand of it being shown. I am disappointed in those whose promises to the masses fell so short & after we so patiently waited. I even believed it to be a brilliant marketing hoax, giving sci-fi fans everywhere that needed hint of conspiracy that would rally all us together leaving under the SPELL we all call BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. A spell so strong the fans would honor the name BLOOD & CHROME by making pilgrimages to conventions all over the world where they'd meet, discuss, imagine & create advances befitting the whole human race (not to mention making these the richest & smartest marketing guys of their day). Shame on them for making us hold our breaths for long.. I was promised something great...what a disappointment these men of so little imagination, they tossed it away for such low standards of entertainment and gave up what was left of their once ever so loyal syfy channel fans .

Have we as the human race really scum to such bad taste, lain waste to all imagination We've even given up our Space Program... No more hope in my life of flying off to distant stars or even mars? Steven Spielberg, Ronald D. Moore we need you more than ever now... Imagination is fleeting as we evolve into a species with no attention span and no new ideas. The very thought of this grim future... will our legacy to the next generation of sci-fi fans be of bad B sci-fi monster movies, reality T.V. and watching guys/gals hunt ghosts armed with no more than home video cameras and bad night vision in their moms basements This isn't the spark of greatness I had in mind, I never wanted to know what the pawn shop was buying. How did this become the attraction in my city that replaces such wonders as the star trek experience . is the dream really over? Are we truly expecting basement videos on you tube to engineer a hunger to explore the unknown with the force, and drive we once knew. The unity that put men on the moon, sent machines to see all we could of mars... and satellites which have taken pictures of worlds in far off galaxies that could be inhabited or inhabitable .

.is the dream fading ... the imagination is what we need more than anything if we are ever reach out and take our place among the stars.


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  There IS Hope! As Long as We,The Fans Stay STRONG and VOCAL about What we Want And Need To Happen, The Saga Will Never Die!SO SAY WE ALL!!!

I think SyFy is sleeping at times. I watched the last frakkin special yesterday again. Recorded before the last 3 hour episode.

You see the bosses from the network talking about Battlestar Galactica.   So much good things they had to say.

But...   Edward James Olmos said in the last frakkin special: ,,like bladerunner, battlestar galactica will be seen in 20-30 years from now, and even better understand than it is now.......    Now i am one of the people who DID understand it in this time.  i watched it Carefully and Many times....  and if i just make a guess how many fans the show has, it is still way to less in comparison to star wars/star trek/ and all other shows and movies.

To experience Battlestar Galactica you have to be a sensitive person who is very aware, very open , and you have to have a certain kind of intelligence.  And it must be that the mass of the world lacks that profile.

Battlestar Galactica deserves much more credit than it has gotten so far.  Yes, you can find lots and lots of great reviews that are written by people who where mindblowned just like me.  But the fan base is widley spread.  For sure here in Europa.

Then there are the networks and channels who have to air it( again) to keep it alive and growing.  There is a big lack here in my country for example. Even my SyFy channel isn't the same as the one in the US.  I haven't seen Blood and Chrome here.  It's been said a thousand time before me but i like to say it again.  syFy doesn't need to air so many bad movies. or an episode of SG-1 3 times in a week(same episode i mean).   

They could put Battlestar Galactica on the screen again.  They could fill their program the whole day with top tv shows.  I was glad SG 1 went into rerun again.. Now put BSG also on that channel again. It sometimes seems that they don't want BSG to get a bigger admiration fanbase.  90% of the people in Holland never heard of battlestar galactica 2003. 

There is 1 channel that airs Caprica.  At 2:10 in the night?!?!  

Battlestar Galactica. The best thing on cinematography ever made. I wish more people saw that.

Keith a Ranson said:

  There IS Hope! As Long as We,The Fans Stay STRONG and VOCAL about What we Want And Need To Happen, The Saga Will Never Die!SO SAY WE ALL!!!

Yes, there will always be hope. The real fans always will stay. Don't know how big that base will stay. But Battlestar Galactica 2003 will never die. because people like you and me will 'pay this forward'.  There is something immortal to this gem of a show that i dedicated myself to. Spread the word. or better, lend my dvd box to everybody who is even slightly interested.

Battlestar Galactica enriched my life. I wish that to more people,

So say we all!...



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