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Need a little help from the crowd. Im trying to help a friend who is building a full scale mockup of a Viper MKII (Guys name is Baz Am; you can find him on facebook).  He is currrently working on the intake fans, and is having issues with why they don't appear to be able to spin.

Here is the issue I am having. I seem to recall reading somewhere (and the source is what I need to find...and am unable to remember it) that they are not fans, but louvres, and are oriented like a fan so that when they open for atmospheric operation, they provide a Vortex air current, instead of a straight line current.

Does anybody else remember ever seeing that, and know the source?

Thanks in advance

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The main source of specifications for the Viper mkii is,  of course,  the Viper Mkii Training Manual.  You are correct in that the Voram thrust engines are not fan type engines like a jet aircraft, so the louvres do not spin. If you search for Colonial Viper technical specifications,  further information may be found. You could also look at the Colonial Defence Forces website.

Aeneas, SC Perseus Squadron

Lol, no worries Barry. I thought I would put out feelers as far as I could. I THOUGHT at one point that the source I remembered was the Viper training manual from this group, but I looked at the manual and I was mistaken. Still trying to remember it.

Welcome to the BFC Buzz!  We saw your build and you have done an awesome job so far.

Builds By Baz said:

Thanks Shannon! I just joined and saw this. Small world mate. Here's a link to the page on where I'm at, building the intakes if it helps. http://www.buildsbybaz.com/engines/

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