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OK Spartan members listen up. i am currently looking into getting the Viper Wing Patches made for the Spartans if their is enough interest starting with 50 to see how it goes these will be listed on the UK and USA sites but first i need to get a idea of how many would like one..

see pic below will update when i get a test one

all pilots report in so i know how many would like to get one 


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I would like a couple of patches

LT. Andy "viperworf" Pattenden said:

yes please

I'm in!

Oh hell yeah!!!

will keep you informed will be talking to companies for best price for us and go from their.

you have to simplify the badge, stich me up may say it to much embrodrioy. let hope you find supplier do you want me to search contacts.if no joy

Have found one called custom patches but they need a high res pic

can original be sent

Just checking now

Sounds good.

Am curious. Wondering about cost.





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