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Galactica 1980 stirred mixed feelings amongst galactica fans. Whats your take on the show ?

For me, as a kid i was just happy to see Galactica in some form, but knew it was not in line with the Galactica i loved.
As I got older and rewatched the series I came to understand what a load of crap it really was and just pretended, as did most books, that it never happened.

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While I do not have Galactica 1980 on DVD, I did watch it as a kid, but wasn't impressed and not too broken hearted when it left the air. When the SIFI channel played it a few years ago, I watched it again just cause it was at trip into the past to a simpler time. While still corny it was fun to watch.

I agree with you Brian. I too was excited to learn that BSG was coming back, the "reboot". I had high hopes and watched it with an open mind. But like you, I was disappointed by what was on the screen. To this day, I will still put in a DVD of the original series and watch it, even though I've seen every episode dozens of times. Can't say the same of the reimagined series. Sure, there are a few episodes I'll watch, but not many.

 I hope the new movie will be like the original series in look as well as content. We'll see. 

Even as a kid, it left a bad taste. I was waiting for the pilot to transform into a Brady Bunch reunion show.
The only good episode is probably everyone's favorite--The Return of Starbuck.
It had potential...as a series, and the back in time storyline was good.
As soon as they brought the kids in...it was all over.


Moi j'ai juste aime le dernier épisode : " Le Retour de Starbuck" dans Galactica 1980. J'ai 36 ans et c'est la premiere saison de Galactica que je préfère .

I totally enjoyed Galactica 1980.  The only thing I missed about it was their explanation of what happened to Starbuck.  They did not even give it a full story-arc...only the very last episode.  But, despite that, I still enjoy Gaslactica 1980 to this day. :)


I love it, to me it was a much better story line, better actors. Much better than the remake, which took their creative liberties too far, and in my opinion really hurt the original story line, it majorly paled in my eyes. I had a tough time watching the remake, but I sit and watch the original series over and over.





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