"There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."

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For as Long as Ships,both Seafaring,and Spacefaring,Have been manned by Human Crews,It has been A Priority to assure that the Crew's Human needs are Met: Food,Rest,Medical Care,Sanitation/Hygiene, Physical Training,and Recreation.


When the First Cygnus Class Gunstars Entered the Fleet,They had the Stigma of Cramped Quarters,and A Lack of Privacy; The Newer Models Have been Upgraded To allow for More Comfort,But still Adhere to Fleet Standards: All Crewmembers are Alotted A certain Amount of Space,According to their Rank and Position:

The Accommodations for the Senior Officers are not as Spacious as those on the Larger Battlestars,However they still Adhere to Fleet Standards.


There are Three Facilities(Port,Starboard,and aft of the Landing Deck) That are Multi-Purpose in Use; These Rotate as Mess Halls;When one is Serving Meals,Another is used as A Lounge for Reading,Games,and Conversation. (Don't Expect your Mother's Home Cooking Here.)

And,During Certain Hours, The Third Facility is Used as A Bar,Where Alcoholic Beverages May be Consumed,When Such Beverages are Available.

BE REMINDED: Excessive Drunkeness,Or, Drunkeness WHILE ON DUTY,Will Be FROWNED UPON On this Ship; For those who Forget, A Day(or Two) in the Brig Will Refresh your Memory.

                              KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN!

Another Use for these Facilities is as Ship's Chapel; If one Needs Counseling,We have A Priest,and A Former Oracle on Board; It Never Hurts to Maintain A Covenant with the Lords of Kobol.


There are Four Combination Head/Showers Facilities. All Crewmembers are Encouraged to Conserve Water(Even when Water is not Critical) While Maintaining Good Hygiene.

Physical Excersise    

Most Physical Training is Done in the Main Hangar Bay,When Maintenance of Small Craft is Not Taking Place; PT Is done in Shifts For off duty Personnel. In addition to PT, there is Boxing, or Mixed Martial Arts(MMA),When Space Permits; On Occasion,A Small Triad Court can be Set up,When the Equipment is Avaliable.

The  Small Arms Target Range is Located Between the Landing Deck and Primary Damage Control,Where Crew,Including Marines, Can Maintain Marksmanship Skills,and,'Release Aggression'.


The Ship's Sick Bay is located Forward of the Main Hangar Facility; It is Smaller than that on A Battlestar;So, Be sure You bring Genuine Medical Issues Here.


Mail to/from the Ship is Usually Picked up/Delivered by the Colonial Postal Service,Through the Fleet,Once A Week, As the Situation Permits.

When the Raven Battle Group is Able To pick up Their Broadcasts,News, Sports,and Other Entertainment can be Heard on the Colonial United Broadcast Network(CUBN).

FINALLY,WORDS TO THE WISE.......           

The GUNSTAR TRIREME is First,and Foremost A VESSEL OF WAR,And NOT A Caprican Five-Star Cruise Liner;So,Any Complaints about 'Creature Comforts' (or Lack thereof) will Be Quite Irrelevant Here!

You Knew EXACTLY What you were Getting into when you Joined the COLONIAL FLEET.

And as Members of the Fleet,We are TRAINED to,and EXPECTED to MAKE DO,To Assure The Fleet Does it's Job: Protecting the Colonies.     SO SAY WE ALL!




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