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Hi all,

I am trying to track down the 1977 Battlestar Galactica Mattel Command Ship, I know it is out there somewhere and I am trying to track it down it has not been seen since 2006. If anyone out there knows where it is, I would really appreciate the help. See the photo...

Cheers David

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For sure, I love the series but I'm not a toy collector. If the screen used models ever come on the market I'm absolutely a buyer but I may part with this item somewhere down the line.

if you do let me know, I would be interested

are you easy to find on facebook?

Yes, Kevin Patrick Dwyer San Diego, Ca

Parachute Rigger Dwyer? For some reason I can't friend you, only follow?

Send me a message and il add you or I can try finding you?
David said:

Parachute Rigger Dwyer? For some reason I can't friend you, only follow?

David Hogg Hong Kong

Hey, I saw it, I think that I might have a go at it, but $12k-$15k is the estimate - no way!!!  I hope it can stay inside the community. David

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