AM I the only one who recognizes that the Battlestar Galactica Franchise is a culmination of several ideas?

the Original Battlestar Galactica, Love it or hate it was great Science Fiction. I miss those simpler times when we werent allowed to see how truly ugly the Universe cound be. we would only get the shadow of a knife on the wall to tempt our imaginations.

I remember waiting for Battlestar Galactica to start that early evening in September 1978

 I had no idea who Richard Hatch was or Dirk Benedict, I did know who Rick Springfield was.. he was that guy that always set the stage for me to romance the girls. Gods i hated Rick Springfield!!!!

I also knew who Lorne Greene was and being a huge fan of Bonanza I would have watched the show based just on that alone.

COming on the heels of Star Wars I was certain that Battlestar Galactica would be a knock off somehow of Star Wars, and over the years it has been whispered by more than one critic. 

The fact is I didnt care, I LOVE Science Fiction and and hoped it would be at least as exciting as Star Wars and  was thrilled to see that visually it was equal to Star Wars in special Effects.

anyone who know Science Fiction though, knows that within 10 minutes of watching Battlestar Galactica your realize one thing for certain.

It isn't a cheap knock off of Star Wars. Battlestar Galactica shared only a Stage set where Humanity is facing evil and it portrayed that struggle of good versus evil. If thats the criteria for a copycat then I would say Star Wars was a cheap knock off of the 3 Musketeers,

My point is this,

when you ask "Who is Battlestar Galactica"  what images are you thinking?

I think ofthe scene in the Original Battlestar Galactica when Adama is standing in the ruins of what once was his home and his Life, Shattered by the idiocy of human beings. Humanity finally realizing that there might be more important things out there.

That is Who Battlestar Galactica is.


The 2003 Mini Series picked up on this in a much more dramatic way, gone were the imaginative shadows on the wall, gritty life and death stuff was on the screen. no imagination needed to get it.

sometimes I wonder if we have become so devoid of imagination that we have to see the gruesome truth, but thats another Blog in my opinion.

The scene where Mary McDonnell playing the President of what is left of humanity writing on a simple white board the cold hard numbers of whats left.

Adama talking of fighting back  and coming to realization that there are more important things in the Universe than the self satisfaction that comes with vengence.


so I ask you

Who is Battlestar Galactica?


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