Battlestar Galactica and the Texas Autism Foundation

In July 1976, the Autism Treatment Center (ATC) was established in Dallas, Texas as a 501(c)(3) corporation designed to provide services to children and adults with autism and other related developmental disorders.  In 1992, ATC Dallas began providing services to individuals who are deaf-blind multi-handicapped whose needs for support very closely parallels individuals with autism spectrum disorder. In 2005, ATC San Antonio opened an Out-Patient Medicaid-approved Rehabilitation Agency to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services; ATC Dallas opened a similarly operated Rehabilitation Agency in December 2007.  Over the previous 35 years, ATC has continually met the challenge of an ever-increasing rate of diagnosis and has expanded resources and capacity to remain current with the needs of the community, as well as treatment and trends.
The Center consists of seven major components: ownership and operation of 20 community-based group homes; Educational Services; Adult Services; Diagnostics, Research; Therapy; and Information Dissemination. 


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