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  • Battlestar Raven BFC-002

    126 members Latest Activity: Jul 9

    The Raven is a Mercury class Battlestar and is the Flagship Chapter of Battlestar Galactica Fan Club!  She is also…

  • Raven Leadership Group

    17 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This group is only for members of the Raven Leadership Group, to discuss things pertaining to ship matters not for public viewing.

  • BSG Games

    1 member Latest Activity: Dec 23, 2012

    Everything about BSG Games

  • Galacticon IV: Resurrection

    34 members Latest Activity: Jun 1

    For fans of the upcoming Galacticon IV: Resurrection

  • Flying Tigers Squadron

    35 members Latest Activity: Jul 15

    Another elite figting unit of the Raven AirWing...Are you one of the best...Join the Flying Tigers......

    Bio:  The 1st American…

  • Black Knights

    5 members Latest Activity: Jul 13

    The Black Knights are a misfit unit, surviving the destruction of their Battlestar and fleeing through an un charted worm hole. The unit has…

  • Battlestar Galactica Online

    28 members Latest Activity: Apr 17

    Battlestar Galactica Online is an MMO Game  You command the Cockpit of the most advanced fighter in the Universe. If you are a fan of this game…


    3 members Latest Activity: May 9

    This ship will serve the people of the midwest.

  • The Plan

    12 members Latest Activity: May 28, 2013

    The lessons of the gods can help. (Private counseling, group prayer.)

  • The Pyramid Project

    29 members Latest Activity: Jun 5

    This is an interactive, ongoing project designed to explore everyone's creativity. The central theme is mythology & the object is to add in…

  • Battlestar Atlantia

    48 members Latest Activity: May 9

    The Battlestar Atlantia  Flagship to the Colonies Home of the Legendary Blue Squadron 

    The Battlestar Atlantia is also home to the…

  • Battlestar Galactica Engineering and Technology

    34 members Latest Activity: Jun 5

    Welcome to the Colonial University of Engineering and Colonial Technology. Together we will build a better Colonial Civilization


    7 members Latest Activity: May 9

    The BATTLESTAR IRONFIST (CDF BSR-73) is an online chapter of the Colonial Defense Forces BATTLLESTAR GALACTICA fan…

  • CDF 8th Fleet

    13 members Latest Activity: May 9

    The Colonial Defense Forces 8th Fleet patrols the southeastern section of the United States. The fleet has…

  • Galacticon 3

    58 members Latest Activity: Jul 31, 2013

    Galacticon's mission is to provide the best anniversary celebration of the Battlestar Galactica television series worldwide. Galacticon…

  • Crusier Yatelau

    3 members Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2012

    Crusier Yatelau is a play by eMail game set during the time of Battlestar Galatica.

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