Who is your favorite classic BSG character ?
for me it would be a toss-up between Starbuck and Apollo but I liked Boomer also.

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Lorne Green was fabulous actor in his right but as Adama he was awesome

I loved Starbuck :D He was my absolute Favourite. Though, like nearly everyone the Cylons were awesome! :D
Craig, Try over at ByYourCommand.net for the skirt material, I believe they have a sale thread up now for it. They pretty much have everything you'd need for a Cylon over there

Starbuck was always my favorite. he was serious when he needed to be, but preferred going through life having fun. He's also loyal.


As far as the ladies go, Athena always had my interest lol, But Brie was a close runner up ;)


My favorite is Starbuck. He was my first crush.
Toss up between Starbuck... and Adama
Well, for me it was always between Starbuck and Apollo. As a 5 year old, those two were just about the coolest guys I had ever seen:-)
I loved Boomer in every episode!  Too bad he didn't have a love interest like Apollo and Starbuck.
He does in Richard Hatch's novels, and even gets married...I mean sealed!
Really???  I have to check out the Hatch's novels.  Do you know which one?
I can't exactly remember which book...although I will tell you that it's in more than one! I'm sure it's in at least four!
ya know i remember something about that too. I dont remember which book but i do remember the parts about him having a woman.


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