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BSG fanclub at Oct Fan Days

Hello all,    October 8-9 2011 in Irving (Dallas), TX we will have a table at the Fan Days event. and all members are inv…

Started by Paul NixLatest Reply

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Happy Colonial Day To One And All!

Happy Colonial Day!!!!!! Time To Blast Some Toasters & Raiders! Enjoy The "Fireworks"!!!! So Say We ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! http://media.battl

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

0 Jul 4

This Is Your Opportunity To Join The Gunstar Trireme! Good Hunting To The Gunstar Trireme And Her Valliant Crew! So Say We ALL!

Attention on deck! The Gunstar Trireme-GSR 0201 is now taking on recruits to serve aboard the most elite Gunstar in the Colonial fleet. May…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

0 Jun 8


I was thinking that we should have our own resistance cell kinda like on the show Anyone have ideas...where should we start, planet and or…

Started by Capt. Juan (blindsword) Lopez

1 Jun 6
Reply by Col. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson

Everybody Have A Wonderful Passover And Easter Season BUT Be Ware The Four Harbingers Of Mankind's End

I wish a happy Passover and Easter to one and all, but be ever mindful of the bloody tetrad and its four bloody harbingers heralding gloom…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

0 Apr 15

TALOS Tactical Assault Liight Operator Suit For Colonial Marines

Behild TALOS Tactical Assault Light Operators Suit. Just what the Colonial Marines ordered! (You've got the armor of the new model toasters…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

0 Mar 25

Behold The Early Makings Of A Real Life Pulsar Rifle

Behold! The EARLY makings of a PULSAR RIFLE, of sort, that looks very much like the pulsar rifles carried by the Centurions in the original…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

1 Mar 10
Reply by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

Battlestar Galactica: The Comic Book

Has anyone read the current ongoing comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment? If so, how is it? Would any of you recommend it?

Started by Yusuf "Abu Hamzah" Alamo

5 Feb 18
Reply by Yusuf "Abu Hamzah" Alamo

Buy Your Command...Ten Technologies That Can Be Used To Enslave Mankind...Now!

Here's a short but very inclusive and realistic present day list of Ten Technologies That Can Enslave Mankind. The Imperious Leader will be…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

0 Feb 14

Kurzweil: Nanobot Interfaces With Human Brain Connected To The Cloud On The Internet

This is EXACTLY what they mentioned with the Borg. Nanobots that are dispersed throughout the body and interface with not only a collective…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

1 Feb 7
Reply by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

Inhuman The Next And Final Phase Of Man I Here...Preview

This may be interesting to anybody interested in trans-humanism, skin job Cylons, Borg tech, etc., and present real world development of su…

Started by John David "Buzzsaw" Feagin

0 Feb 7


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